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Dopp Kits: Your Favorite Travel Companion

Also known as a toiletry kit or travel kit, our best selling Dopp kits will become your go-to travel accessory for every trip you take. But your Dopp kit is more than just what you dump all your toiletries into. This will be the stuff you’re using every day while traveling (or if you want to use it even while at home), so you don’t want to ignore what you keep it in. Not sure which kit is right for you? You can learn more about choosing the right Dopp kit and more over in our Insights.

Waxed Canvas vs. Leather Dopp Kits

When deciding on the material of your Dopp kit, there’s a few things to think about. First things first, what is your style? What will the conditions be when you’re using your toiletry bag? We recommend choosing a Dopp kit based on where you’ll be using it most. If you’ll be braving the elements, consider a tech fabric or something more rugged like a waxed canvas toiletry bag. Not hitting the great outdoors this time? Consider investing in a quality leather Dopp kit for both its durability and style. Whichever you choose all depends on you and your adventures.

Why "Dopp" Kit?

The Dopp kit actually has some great history behind it. First of all, yes, it’s “Dopp kit.” With a capital D. This type of kit was first made popular by Charles Doppelt, and the Charles Doppelt Company began manufacturing them in the early 1900s -- thus the name “Dopp Kit” was coined. During World War II, Doppelt scored a contract with the US Army to provide toiletry pouches to millions of soldiers. They were such a hit that the demand for them soared even when American men returned home from the war. For more information on the history of the dopp kit, read our blog, Why Is It Called a Dopp Kit? So next time you pick up a leather Dopp kit for yourself, think about the rich history you’re holding and start making a story of your own.