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The Best Leather Briefcases for the Working World

A leather briefcase bag ought to work at least as hard as you do. For the hard working man and woman, one with a flap cover and sturdy carry handle, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an interior that’s large enough to carry your laptop, cord, and work materials with ease is ideal for your day to day. The Roosevelt leather briefcase is the briefcase that just may be the epitome of the rugged gentleman (or gentlewoman).

Leather Briefcases With Purpose

Carry a bag that means something. Even in a casual work environment, details matter. And it’s worth acknowledging that a well-made, respectable briefcase helps to show you’ve got your stuff together. Ready to find yours? Our collection of leather briefcases is purposely handcrafted to handle a lifetime of business, luxury, adventure, and more.

Help Your Leather Briefcase Last a Lifetime

New or old, knowing how to care for your leather briefcase is crucial for having it last you for years to come. Maybe you inherited a leather briefcase that’s seen better days from your old man. Worry not—repairing old, cracked leather isn’t as impossible as it seems. No matter the condition, your leather briefcase will be your work companion for generations if cared for properly.