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Types of Leather Jackets: Which Style Are You?

BY BJTC Staff Insight

What types of leather jackets complement your natural personality? There are countless ways to choose between leather jacket styles, but one of our favorites is finding the jacket that best reflects your go-to mindset. We’ve got three types of leather jackets we recommend based on three major men’s personality aesthetics: the refined, the rugged, & the rebel.

For the Refined: Leather Moto Jacket

Men's Fine Leather Moto jacket

A leather moto jacket (also called a racer jacket or a café racer), is a sleek jacket with selective details and few embellishments. A snap-over band collar, straightforward zip front, and slim fit offer a polished look. You can certainly pair this jacket with jeans and a flannel, but you can easily outfit it for a more refined look with trousers, a button up shirt, and tie.

For the Rugged: Leather Trucker Jacket

Vintage Leather Flight jacket

The trademark features of leather trucker jackets speak directly to the rugged man’s sense of style. The waist-length cut, button-flap chest pockets, button front closure, and heavy, rugged seamwork bring to mind your favorite old denim jacket -- but in premium leather, this jacket ups the ante on warmth, comfort,and style. Of course you can wear it over a dress shirt if you’re going to dinner; otherwise, style this jacket with your favorite flannel, jeans, and boots, and you’ve got your go-to outfit.

For the Rebel: Leather Flight Jacket

Vintage Leather Jacket for men

The oldest and arguably most iconic men’s leather jacket style is the flight jacket (also called an aviator jacket or bomber jacket). Historically, this type of jacket might include shoulder epaulets and a sherpa collar. However, in a modern take on the vintage style, with a stand up collar, zippered cuffs, and zip closure, this jacket still upholds its iconic heritage. Dress it up or down if you want, but for the rebel at heart, this style of leather jacket outfits well with a t-shirt, work pants, and boots.

What does your personality say about your leather jacket style? Or rather, what does your leather jacket style reveal about you? No matter which way you’re leaning, shop all types of men’s leather jackets in our premium, handmade collection.


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