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Top 3 Men’s Leather Jacket Styles: 2021 Holiday Buying Guide

BY Samuel Martin Insight
BY Samuel Martin

Inspired by the past, but infused with modern sensibilities, a vintage style men’s leather jacket exudes a certain rugged look that’s tough to find elsewhere. More than just an item of clothing, a leather jacket tells a story. Different men’s leather jacket styles carry rich histories spanning from flight and military heritage to iconic pop culture movements. Here is a quick list of the top 3 leather jacket styles this year.

Leather Flight Jacket

The oldest and arguably most iconic men’s leather jacket style is the Flight Jacket (also called an Aviator Jacket or Bomber Jacket). Originally designed for WWI pilots who needed to stay warm at high altitudes, the leather Aviator Jacket’s traditional features include a standup collar, front slit or flap pockets, side zip pockets, shoulder epaulets, and a relaxed fit. 

An updated take on this leather classic is theLegacy Leather Jacket. Crafted of premium, 100% full grain leather with a stand up collar, zippered cuffs, and zip closure, this jacket is designed to uphold its heritage and outlast trends.

Leather Moto Jacket

The leather Moto Jacket (also called a Racer Jacket) is essentially a more clean cut, versatile version of a leather Biker Jacket. While this style of leather jacket still carries plenty of attitude for the modern rebel, it is one of a few leather jacket styles most men can pull off without looking like they’re trying too hard. A motorcycle jacket built as true protective wear for riding a motorcycle will be much more substantially structured than one primarily built for fashion and comfort. Traditional features of an everyday Moto Jacket include soft leather, zip front closure, front zip pockets, side pockets, and a snap-over band collar.

To see this vintage style all grown up, consider the Thompson Leather Jacket. Crafted of soft, 100% lambskin leather with a quilted lining, this leather jacket feels broken-in from the start, and is built to last long enough to pass it on.

Leather Moto Jacket for men

Leather Trucker Jacket

One of 2020’s best leather jacket styles is the leather Trucker Jacket. While you may normally picture a trucker jacket in denim, aleather Trucker Jacket takes it to the next level and beyond for comfort, style, and durability. The trademark features of Trucker Jackets include a waist-length, tailored cut, buttons at the sleeves, button-flap front pockets, slit side pockets, button front closure, and the iconic vertical or slanted seams that run from the front chest pockets to the waist.

Buffalo Jackson has nailed the leather version of a Trucker Jacket in theirDriggs Leather Jacket. Beautifully crafted of soft, premium 100% full grain goat leather with a cotton-lined interior and antique brass buttons. 

As you consider various leather jacket styles, remember: no matter the style, the best men’s leather jackets are made of fine leather and quality construction, both of which get even better with age. Shop Buffalo Jackson’s collection of leather jacketshere.

Mens Leather Trucker Jacket


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