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Our Rugged Style Guide for Men

BY Alex Johnson Insight rugged style
BY Alex Johnson

How to Achieve that “Lived In” Look

When we think of a rugged style, it’s timeless, gritty, and doesn’t try too hard. While you can have all of the right clothes and accessories to look “rugged”—it’s much more than that. It’s the calluses on your hands from working all week. It’s the hint of smoke from sitting around a campfire. It’s the overgrown beard because you haven’t had a chance to shave. It’s the stories you have to tell from your latest adventure. Now, we can’t make you look just like famously rugged men such as Matthew McConaughey or Clint Eastwood, but, we have a few pieces of advice to help you start your journey towards rugged.

Invest in Durable Clothing

A rugged man knows this—the longer clothes last, the more lived in they look. While you can purchase distressed or scuffed pieces, it’s generally at a higher cost. So, we recommend meeting somewhere in the middle. Invest in sturdy clothing made of high-quality materials like leather, denim, wool, and cotton. These are going to be a little higher priced than fast-fashion, but they will be your companion for years to come.

There’s a few necessities that you need to have in your closet to achieve that effortlessly lived in look. First, a leather jacket. Throw it on over a t-shirt, wear it on your motorcycle, heck—even wear it to work. The more scuffs and marks it gets, the better it will look. Next, comes the classic flannel shirt. Whether you prefer a solid color or pattern, flannel shirts are warm and look great with your favorite pair of denim. While these aren’t a great choice for hot days, you can pretty much wear a flannel on any other occasion. Last, but certainly not least, you need good pants. We recommend investing in a timeless pair of denim or khaki pants that you can always depend on. We’re certain these classic pieces of rustic apparel will encourage you to get out there, travel, and get a few scuffs along the way.

Have Accessories You Can Count On

Now that you’ve gotten your rugged wardrobe sorted out, you may want to consider adding a few accessories to the mix. To add rich texture and warmth to your overall presence, we recommend having a few items in leather. Leather is such a great material, it gets better with time and is made to be passed down for generations. Because of its neutral color, it also will go with anything in your closet. In the guidebook for rustic, leather is a must.

First, make sure you have a leather belt that is as tough as you are. Wear it to mow the grass, to work, and on your next hike. Another item that is necessary but many men forget about, is a leather bag. Now the type of bag you need really depends on your lifestyle. For men who work in an office, a leather briefcase bag may make sense. If you travel a lot on the weekends or even the weekdays, you need a solid leather duffle bag or travel bag in your possession. If you’re not sure which one to choose, learn more about the styles and sizes of travel bags.

Hair & Beard

Last, but certainly not least, a rustic look is not complete without discussing haircuts or beards. The great thing about looking rustic, is it’s fairly low maintenance. Want to grow your hair out? Go for it. Don’t feel like shaving for a few weeks? Fair game. You don’t need to go see the barber every few weeks to look like you’ve traveled across the country on your bike, so style your hair and beard as you see fit. But, you can keep your comb and shaving accessories in a leather dopp kit that’s easy to throw in your travel bag in case you need them.

A rugged style looks great on a man of any age, young or old. And like most things in life, it only gets better in time. With these tips, you’ll look like a care-free pro with much more on his mind than what he’s wearing. We hope this style inspires you to get outdoors, go on an adventure, and see where your rustic look will take you.

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