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How to Store a Leather Jacket

When I helped organize the attic after grandad passed, I just knew there would be treasures in those boxes. Had I known that one of those treasures would be the actualleather bomber jacket he wore in WWII, I would’ve opened those boxes much sooner than I did. Man, I wish I had known.


uniformed man standing in front of WWII Air Corps plane


All of his Air Corps stories came flooding back as I lifted that coat from its hiding place. And, when I realized the jacket had deteriorated beyond repair, I have to admit—I grieved all over again. The memories live on, but the jacket didn’t make it. I guess it’s nobody’s fault, really. But if I can save someone the heartache of losing a treasure like that, it’s worth a try.

barn jacket and coat with antique brass buttons
western sherpa lined jacket with sherpa collar
brown leather jacket for men with antique brass buttons

One Note to Start: Knowing how to store a leather jacket doesn’t just apply to a “stow it away for the grandkids” scenario—if anything,.

buffalo jackson leather cleaner


Before storing your leather jacket, be sure to clean it. You can check out our article onHow to Clean a Leather Jacket for instructions.


close up of white crinkled paper



Stuff the insides of your leather jacket with acid-free paper. Insert the paper in the sleeves and pockets of your jacket, and then close all the buttons and zippers. (You can also wrap the zippers to avoid scuffing the leather.) The acid-free paper helps create a barrier for dust, dirt, and moisture. It also helps the jacket keep its shape.


draped fabric



Wrap your leather jacket in a breathable fabric. You can use a white bed sheet, cloth garment bag, or a bag made with netting to do this.Do not wrap your jacket in plastic; plastic will dry out the leather. Avoid folding your jacket when you wrap or cover it because over time, the folds will permanently crease the leather, ruining the jacket’s original shape and form.


wooden clothing hanger


4. HANG IT. (Maybe.)

Hang the jacket using a wide cedar or padded hanger. These types of hangers can properly support the shoulders of your leather jacket and are strong enough to support your jacket’s weight. Avoid using thin wired or plastic hangers as these are not sturdy enough to properly hold a leather jacket, especially for an extended length of time. Using the right hanger will help your jacket not droop downward while in storage.

If you don’t have space to properly hang your jacket, you can place it in a wooden (preferably cedar) trunk or even a suitcase. Just like when you are wrapping the jacket, be sure to lay it flat without folds or creases. Additionally, making sure that air can pass in and out of the container.Avoid storing leather in a plastic container; the material will not be able to breathe.


packes of silica gel beads



Protect your leather jacket by storing it in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight. Exposing the jacket to too much light or warmth can cause the leather to discolor, expand, dry out, or crack. Moisture is also a major cause for concern as it can cause mildew and mold to grow. This means it is extremely important that the place where you store your jacket isnot humid. Placing silica gel packets in the jacket pockets can help absorb moisture.


buffalo jackson leather conditioner


It is wise to periodically condition your leather jacket if you plan to store it for an extended length of time. Use aleather conditioner for this purpose every 6 months or so. As part of the conditioning routine, remember to simply take the jacket out of its storage area occasionally and air it out.

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Whether you need to store your jacket for a season or for a longer period of time, if handled properly, you will protect your investment and extend the life of your leather jacket, and hopefully have the opportunity to pass it on someday yourself.

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