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How to Pack Ties: 3 Simple Methods

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

When you’re traveling and need to pack ties, it’s important to pack them properly so they don’t arrive snagged or wrinkled—especially if you’re bringing along your favorite ties. And why wouldn’t you?

If you’re going to wear a tie, it ought to be a favorite. If you take an extra minute to pack ties correctly, it’ll save you a much bigger headache when you arrive at your destination. And, like most things, there’s more than one way to do it right. Here are three:  

How to Pack Ties: 3 Simple Methods  

1. Use a Tie Case.

This is the surest way to get your neckwear to your destination in the best shape possible. A tie travel case is a great investment if you do much traveling at all and is a classy way to pack your ties. Most tie travel cases can hold 2-6 ties, and some even include a small pocket for tie clips and cufflinks. (A tie case makes a great gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, or even graduation.)

2. Roll and Tuck.

This method is simple but can still be very effective at reducing or eliminating wrinkles in the tie. Fold the tie in half, end-to-end. Then, beginning at the more narrow end, tightly roll up the tie into a cylindrical shape. The rolled tie can then be tucked into a secure spot in your luggage, a ziplock bag, or even inside a (clean) shoe if you’re feeling really resourceful.

3. Fold Flat.

The most simple method, folding flat can work well, but only if the contents of your luggage won’t be shifting around much. Simply fold the tie in half, end-to-end, and layer it in between your folded shirts. Done and done.

Again, we think if you’re going to wear a tie, it ought to be a favorite. And if it’s a favorite, it’s worth packing it well when you’re traveling. (If it’s not a tie you actually like, is it really worth bringing?) Invest in neckwear that says something about who you are: a rugged gentleman who honors the past while blazing his own trail.


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