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Our Favorite Celebrity Leather Jacket Looks

BY Alex Johnson Insight celebrity
BY Alex Johnson

Discover Which Celebs Know How to Sport a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets look great on everyone and compliment any outfit—a handful of celebrities also know that to be true. These versatile pieces have found their way on the big screen in movies like Top Gun and X-Men to street looks from Hollywood favorites like Emma Watson and Chris Evans. From actors, actresses, musicians, and more, check out a few leather jacket looks that we’re trying to imitate ourselves.

Hugh Jackman - “Wolverine”

While Hugh Jackman is known for his distressed brown striped leather jacket in X-Men as Wolverine, he certainly knows how to style a simple brown leather jacket in the everyday. This particular jacket style is a moto jacket, and we really commend him for accentuating it with simple details like a white scoop neck tee and corduroy pants. These are pieces you probably already have in your just need a stellar moto jacket to look like Hugh here.

Emma Watson

From Harry Potter to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson has become a household name with strong influence in the fashion industry. She looks effortless here in a brown leather moto jacket, white collared shirt, jeans, and black leather bag. This style is achievable for anyone—you could wear this to work and on-the-go. Want to wear something like this on a special occasion? Dress it up by wearing a dress underneath versus a shirt and jeans.

Tom Cruise - “Maverick”

It just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t call out Tom Cruise’s iconic leather flight jacket from Top Gun. You’ve probably seen this movie a hundred times, but have you ever really taken note of Maverick’s jacket here? Trimmed with fur on the collar and decorated with his Navy badges, this jacket sheds light on the true meaning of a flight jacket (also known as a bomber jacket). This piece would look edgy styled with a simple pair of jeans and a white tee.

Kevin Costner - “John Dutton”

Recently seen in TV drama series Yellowstone, Kevin Costner plays a homesteader—and his character is seen wearing some pretty awesome leather goods. Specifically, we wanted to call out this rustic style, a two-toned vintage leather jacket, blue jeans, leather belt, and a cowboy hat. This is a look that would easily fit in out west on your next adventure to Colorado or Texas.

Kendall Jenner

Fashion model Kendall Jenner is always seen wearing haute couture and today’s latest looks. Whether the oversized leather jacket she’s wearing is from the ‘90s or is new, we can’t quite tell. But we really admire the vintage vibes that her look gives off. To get Kendall’s look, find an oversized leather jacket in the color of your choosing, and finish it off with a graphic tee, jeans, and matching leather boots.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has been seen rocking leather jackets from his on-screen heroics in Avengers to his day-to-day street styles. One of his most well-known leather jacket looks is this sleek black leather bomber jacket. But don’t worry, this style isn’t reserved just for Captain America. You can find a more distressed version of Chris’s leather jacket here, then finish off your look with a black tee, belt, and pants.

Jennifer Aniston

Known for her role in Friends, Jennifer Aniston wore a brown leather moto in the show, and continues to sport leather on-the-go. We really like the details on this black moto jacket—zippers on the sleeves, zippered pockets, and a cropped fit. This is a style that transcends time, just like Jennifer herself. Want to learn more about women’s leather jackets? Check out our Women’s Leather Jacket Style Guide.

David Beckham

The UK’s famous soccer player, David Beckham, is no stranger when it comes to simple, yet timeless looks. He’s known to frequently sport leather, like this black quilted leather bomber jacket. To get David’s look, invest in a black leather bomber jacket with minimal detailing, and pair it with a black tee and pair of jeans in your closet.

We’ll continue to keep our eyes out for impressive celebrity leather jacket styles, so you can keep up with new style trends. Did this inspire you to add a leather jacket to your wardrobe? Take a look at a variety of our styles, from motos to vintage leather jackets. You could even explore local consignment shops for a distressed leather jacket with a well-lived history. If you need help deciding which type of leather jacket is for you, read our guide that recommends styles based on your personality.

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