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7 Best Leather Jackets for Men

The number one investment any man can make in his wardrobe is a quality leather jacket. Leather jackets carry a heritage of craftsmanship and style—a timeless nod to rugged masculinity that transcends trends and outlasts fads. Surprisingly versatile, the best leather jackets are easily styled for an abundance of occasions, from casual streetwear to corporate-approved to a special night out. No matter the leather jacket style you choose, invest in quality, and enjoy it for decades to come.

Best Leather Jackets for Men

1. Leather Down Jacket

Combining soft lambskin leather with the classic puffer jacket style, you will stay plenty warm when the sun dips low and the wild calls you to wander.

leather down puffer jacket brown

This rugged leather down jacket is the best leather jacket for men who like high-end quality without being flashy. Down insulation provides the warmth you need, and the 100% genuine lambskin leather feels as good as it looks. Details like antique brass finishing on the zipper front closure and zippered hand pockets add a nice touch, and the slim fit keeps the coat from looking bulky.

Lambskin is considered a “soft leather,” which means it is exceptionally wearable, and its lightweight layers give it a distinctive, velvety texture. Because of its structure, lambskin requires a more delicate hand in production than cowhide, which often results in lambskin being more expensive. That’s why it’s generally reserved for premium leather products.

Even though it’s lightweight, lambskin leather works hard to keep out the cold, making it an ideal material for a leather down jacket.

How to Style a Leather Down Jacket

Down jackets tend to lean more casual, but the slim fit and premium leather of theBridger Leather Down Jacket give you some extra leeway to show the world that you clean up real nice. So pick out your favorite pair of jeans, a soft henley, and a pair of boots, then grab this jacket on your way out the door.

2. Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket made from luxurious, full grain lambskin leather means your brand new leather jacket will feel like your worn-in favorite right from the get-go.

leather motorcycle jacket black

Lambskin leather gives these motorcycle jackets a soft, velvety texture. Although thinner and lighter-weight than cowhide, it still insulates well, making it the best leather jacket for men who love the classic motorcycle jacket style but don’t want the bulk of a thicker-gauge cowhide.

Historically, the motorcycle jacket was the first jacket to use zippers rather than buttons for closure. This jacket adds four exterior zippered pockets designed for your keys or wallet, and zippered cuffs on the sleeves for additional style and function. Quilted lining and a button snap collar round out the details for comfort and style.

How to Style a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

There are so many ways to style a leather motorcycle jacket. Go for a rugged look with leather gloves, a tough belt, and a sturdy pair of boots. Class it up a bit with a pair of slim cut jeans and a button-up shirt. Or just wear a clean tee shirt and a ball cap and call it a day. A jacket like this makes the outfit on its own anyway. Take your pick between whiskey tan or classic brown in this Thompson Leather Moto Jacket.

3. Leather Bomber Jacket

Crafted with 100% full grain cow leather, a classic leather bomber jacket features a concealed full-length zipper and snug cotton detailing at the neck, wrists, and waist to provide warmth and comfort.

black leather bomber jacket

How to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

Whether you’re heading to the local tavern or chasing the horizon, pair this distressed dark leather Rebel Bomber Jacket with a simple white tee and dark pants. Change your look dramatically with your choice of shoes, dark leather boots or fresh white sneakers? You can probably guess our preference, but the choice is yours.

4. Leather Field Jacket

One of the best leather jackets for men who love the feel of a brisk morning in the backcountry, the leather field jacket brings soft, lambskin leather to a classic Americana jacket style.

leather field jacket

Rugged and sturdy, a leather field jacket is made to handle anything the day throws its way. From working on the farm to hunting on the weekends, this jacket is comfortably warm and has plenty of pockets to hold anything you need.

Crafted of genuine lambskin leather with a quilted interior, high-neck collar, and button-down pockets at your chest and sides, a leather field jacket will prove itself a trusty companion time and time again.

How to Style a Leather Field Jacket

Wear this brown Theodore Leather Field Jacket with a warm flannel shirt, thick jeans, gloves, and hunting boots. Or bring your wild outdoor sensibilities to the board room, and style this field jacket as a blazer. Pair with dark pants, driving shoes, and a button up shirt.

5. Leather Trucker Jacket

Another blend of rugged leather and classic Americana style, the leather trucker jacket is one of the best leather jackets for men who appreciate the timeless style of a good ol’ denim jacket and the timeless quality of premium leather. 

leather trucker jacket

Iconic trucker jacket details include the waist-length cut, button front closure, buttons on the sleeve cuffs and front chest pockets, and the trademark vertical or slanted seams that run from the front chest pockets to the waist. Often constructed of denim, a leather trucker jacket ups the ante on comfort, style, and durability.

How to Style a Leather Trucker Jacket

Style theDriggs Leather Jacket with dark jeans and a flannel shirt, or opt for a pair of ripped up slim fit jeans and a tee from your favorite band. With a cotton-lined interior and antique brass buttons, this jacket’s soft, premium 100% full grain goat leather means it will feel like your favorite broken-in jacket from day one. You can’t go wrong with this kind of classic.

6. Leather Flight Jacket

Essentially the bomber jacket’s older brother, the leather flight jacket is the oldest and original of all leather jacket styles. Also called an aviator jacket, this is one of the best leather jackets for men whose style flies at an altitude above fads and trends, upholding the honor of the past.

leather flight jacket

Originally designed for WWI pilots who needed to stay warm at high altitudes, the flight jacket’s traditional details include a relaxed fit, shoulder epaulets, standup collar, front slit or flap pockets on the chest, and side hand pockets.

This jacket features two front zipper chest pockets and two front welted pockets, offering plenty of room for your wallet, keys, and phone. The zippers are made of antique brass hardware to ensure durability and to match the vintage look of the leather.

How to Style a Leather Flight Jacket

The key to styling a vintage style leather flight jacket is to keep it simple. Let the jacket be the main focus, it’s iconic, after all. For example, the aptly-namedLegacy Leather Jacket pairs perfectly with a henley shirt and a simple pair of khaki pants. Change it up with a pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt, and it will look just as great. This jacket is iconic for a reason.

7. Leather Down Vest

Okay, this one’s a vest, not a jacket. But it’s such a great find, it had to make the list.

Light Brown Puffer Vest | 100% Leather and Down Feather | Buffalo Jackson

Like the leather down jacket, the leather down vest levels up on the classic puffer vest style with the premium comfort and timeless quality of soft, lambskin leather.

How to Style a Leather Down Vest

Don’t overthink this one. Wool shirt. Jeans. Boots. Done.

Still not sure which jacket to choose? Check out our article on leather jacket styles based on your personality.

How to Care for Your Leather Jacket

When properly cared for, the best leather jackets can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Now, there are two main camps when it comes to caring for a leather jacket: one attempts to keep the leather looking pristine and brand spanking new. The other is more concerned with caring for the leather in a way that lets it age and tell its story over time.

We’re in the latter camp. (No surprise there.)


man holding a leather jacket


1. Dry it if it gets wet.

If (when) your leather jacket gets wet, gently blot (don’t rub!) excess moisture as soon as possible, and allow the rest to air dry.Do not use a heat source (like a hair dryer) to speed up the drying process.


2. Condition it before it gets dry.

Massage a high-qualityleather conditioner into the leather and use a clean cloth to gently wipe off excess. Doing this every few months will prevent drying and cracking. You may want to do this more often if you live in a particularly dry climate.



Oil and residue easily transfer to leather, so it can be helpful to make a habit of quickly dusting your leather jacket with a soft, dry cloth. Then, once or twice a year, remove residue buildup by wiping down your jacket with acleaner made specifically for leather. Apply in a circular motion, and wipe off with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather.


leather jacket in car



If you’re not going to wear your leather jacket for a few months, proper storage is important. The backseat of your car isnot proper storage. Be sure to store your jacket in a space away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and dust - preferably in a fabric(not plastic) garment bag. Then be sure to air it out once every few weeks to prevent mold growth.

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Extra Tips For Conditioning Your Leather Jacket

The best leather jackets are worth the extra bit of care to keep them looking - and feeling - great. Conditioning the leather is a big part of that, and using a leather conditioner is a crucial practice.

A good conditioner will lubricate the leather fibers, protect the surface of the leather from stains, and enhance the development of a beautiful patina. Different types of conditioning creams and oils have unique results. Conditioning creams will nourish and moisturize the leather fibers with minimal color change, while conditioning oils (such as neatsfoot oil, mink oil, and lanolin) all have unique coloring effects and surface qualities.


man working while wearing a leather jacket


When using leather conditioner:

1. Be sure your leather jacket is clean and free of dust and dirt before you begin.

2. Do not apply the conditioner directly onto the leather. Instead, place the conditioner on a clean, lint-free cloth.

3. Spot test the conditioner in an inconspicuous place on your jacket, and allow it to sit for an hour to be sure you’re happy with the effect it produces.

4. Using a circular motion, rub the conditioner over an entire panel or section of the jacket at a time, working your way through all of the leather.

5. After applying the conditioner, gently buff the leather surface with a soft, dry cloth.

6. Allow the jacket to air dry before wearing it or storing it, and do not use direct heat to try to speed up the drying process.


man sitting in chair with drink wearing leather jacket


How often you need to condition your leather jacket will depend on your climate. If you live in an arid climate - or if your jacket is often in the sun - you’ll want to condition every couple of months. If your climate is more humid, every 6 months to a year will be sufficient.

More than anything, always remember to test your leather conditioner in a small, inconspicuous area to be sure you are pleased with the effect. Do this before every application, as the leather may respond differently over time.

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When you’re ready to invest in a leather jacket, choose one with fine craftsmanship and timeless style—and care for it well. Buy it now. Wear it forever. Pass it down.

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