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Styles of Leather Jackets for Men

BY BJTC Staff Insight

A leather jacket is one of those classic pieces that’s always in style. With so many types to choose from, it can be tough to know where to begin. Thankfully, there are a few men’s styles that consistently rise to the top, gathering inspiration from the past, but including modern sensibilities. A quality leather jacket also looks and feels better the more you wear it -- and a well-made leather jacket will last long enough to pass it down. But who wants to pass down a jacket that is just a relic of a bygone fad? Instead, invest in timeless styles of leather jackets that outlast trends and embrace leather’s vintage legacy.

3 Timeless Styles of Leather Jackets for Men

Leather Trucker Jacket

One of the best styles of leather jackets is the leather trucker jacket. The instantly recognizable features of trucker jackets include the waist-length cut, button front closure, buttons on the sleeve cuffs and front chest pockets, and the trademark vertical or slanted seams that run from the front chest pockets to the waist. You may think we’ve just described your favorite denim jacket, and it’s true that denim jackets are quite often constructed in the trucker jacket style. But a leather trucker jacket knocks it out of the park with comfort, style, and durability. 

Buffalo Jackson has nailed the trucker styles of leather jackets in their Driggs Leather Jacket. With a cotton-lined interior and antique brass buttons, this jacket’s soft, premium 100% full grain goat leather feels like your favorite broken-in jacket from day one. Learn about the difference between full and top grain leather.

Mens Leather Trucker Jacket

Leather Moto Jacket

Another of our favorite styles of leather jackets is the leather moto jacket (or leather racer jacket). If you like the idea of a classic leather biker jacket, but want something a bit more clean cut and versatile than a proper biker’s wide flap collar and diagonal zip, a leather moto jacket is what you’re looking for. While this style of leather jacket still carries plenty of attitude for the modern rebel, it knows that less is more. A stylish leather moto jacket features soft leather, zip front closure, front zip pockets, side pockets, and a snap-over band collar.

A premium example of a leather moto jacket is Buffalo Jackson’s Buffalo Jackson's Thompson Leather Jacket. Crafted of soft, 100% lambskin leather and a comfortable, quilted lining, it feels like your favorite, well-worn jacket right from the start..

Leather Flight Jacket

The oldest and original of all styles of leather jackets is the flight jacket (also called a bomber jacket or aviator jacket). This jacket was originally designed for WWI pilots who needed to stay warm at high altitudes, and its traditional, classic details include a relaxed fit, shoulder epaulets, standup collar, front slit or flap pockets on the chest, and side zip pockets. 

Buffalo Jackson has an updated take on this classic leather style in their Legacy Leather Jacket. Designed to outlast trends and to uphold the leather jacket heritage, it is crafted of premium, 100% full grain leather with a stand up collar, zip front closure, and zippered sleeves.

Vintage Leather Flight Jacket for Men

What to Wear with a Leather Jacket

When you wear a leather jacket, it says you appreciate the simple and timeless things in life. With every mark and scratch, these jackets only get better with time, just like you. Whether you throw it over your favorite flannel on your way to the workshop or wear it on your motorcycle riding across the country, one thing’s for sure—you have great taste. We think any leather jacket style looks great with a pair of jeans and boots, but that’s just us. You can really wear it with anything you want, from khakis to your trusty pair of jeans with a few patches on them. Complete your rustic look with other leather accessories like a belt and a messenger bag to hold all of your daily necessities.

As you consider various styles of leather jackets, remember: the best leather jackets are made of fine leather and quality construction, both of which get even better with age. Take a look at our entire collection of leather jackets to find the best color and style for you. Don’t forget to care for your leather so you can pass it down decades later. While a few scuffs and marks give it character, you want to make sure you take time to clean and condition your leather, especially if it gets wet. Read our guide on how to care for leather to keep your jacket in great shape.

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