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5 Best Jackets for Men

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Choosing a jacket ought to involve more than just practicality. Yes, function is important. But, the best jackets for men will add to an outfit’s style -- not just cover it up. With that in mind, check out our picks for the 5 best jackets for men.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a timeless classic. The details can vary widely, but our favorite leather jackets keep it simple: just enough pockets, nice hardware, and a slim profile. Find one made with soft leather and a quilted interior like this men’s leather jacket, and you’ll stay extra comfortable while still adding an edge to your look.

Hooded Jacket

Any hooded jacket will be extremely practical in wind or rain. However, depending on its cut and fit, the style of the jacket can range from sharp and tailored to quite casual. Be sure to choose a hooded jacket that fits your body well, or your look will quickly slide from laid back to sloppy.

Bomber Jacket

With a sleek body and zippered front, a traditional bomber jacket will be most recognized for its ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband. You’ll typically find bomber jackets in a shinier finish like satin nylon, but other materials and finishes are certainly available. Choose a lightweight version in a color and finish that reflects your personal style.

Harrington Jacket

If a bomber jacket feels a bit too casual for your needs, consider a Harrington jacket. Basically a bomber jacket with a collar, the Harrington jacket includes the bomber-style zip front, fitted cuffs, and waistband. The addition of a classic collar and the overall cut of a Harrington brings a more tailored look while preserving the cool factor of a traditional bomber jacket.

Denim or Suede Trucker Jacket

A trucker jacket in a soft denim or suede will easily become your favorite extra layer on chilly spring or fall days. Classic trucker jackets will have a button front closure, two chest pockets, and two front/side slit pockets. Choose blue denim or tan suede for a classic trucker jacket look.


Don’t just cover up your style with a jacket. The best jackets for men are actually the outermost layer of an outfit. Ready to find your new favorite jacket this season? Be sure to check out our collection of men’s outerwear to help find your signature style.


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