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Best 3 Types of Men’s Wallets for Everyday Use

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and like it or not, a wallet says something about the man who carries it. Paying for lunch from an overstuffed or raggedy wallet can make even the sharpest man look sloppy. So, when shopping for a wallet, remember to choose one that is both practical and presentable. Here, we’ve narrowed everything down to three standout types of men’s leather wallets:

Money Clip

Okay, so not technically a “wallet,” the money clip had to make the list. Money clips are essentially the anti-wallet wallet. But, while a money clip offers simplicity and minimalist appeal, it also presents a demand for extreme discipline about what it will hold. One form of ID, a couple of payment cards, a business card, and a few bills. That’s it. Got a big wad of cash? Trade it out for a couple of larger bills. Several receipts you’re hanging onto? Take a picture on your smartphone and toss 'em. If you can keep it ultra-tidy, a money clip is a clean and simple option.

Slim ID Wallet

Slim ID wallets (or card wallets) are a fantastic middle ground between a money clip and a billfold. Want the unencumbered, slim profile of a money clip, but without all the exposure? A slim ID wallet could be the answer. With an ID window front and center and a couple of card slots on the flip side, accessing the essentials is quick and easy. A slim interior slot gives you a secure place to tuck a bit of cash. Again, however, we raise the caution of over-filling. Truth be told, you’ll be able to carry about the same number of items in a slim ID wallet as in a money clip. So, if you appreciate the tradition of a classic leather wallet, but you’re drawn to the appeal of minimal bulk, a slim ID wallet is a strong option.

Billfolds: Bi-fold and Trifold Wallets

Traditional billfolds, whether bi-fold or tri-fold, carry a timeless appeal. A fine leather wallet is a treasure—can you still picture Granddad pulling that soft, weathered billfold from his pocket at the filling station? Billfolds come in two main variations: bifolds and trifolds. Bifold wallets fold in half, dividing the wallet into two sections. Trifold wallets are folded twice, dividing the wallet into thirds. Because of the extra fold, trifolds tend to take up more space in a pocket, but depending on the design (and how it’s filled), that isn’t always the case. Just remember, a billfold is more prone to overstuffing, simply because there is more space available compared to the slim ID wallet or money clip.

Bottom Line

No matter which type you choose, consider quality types of leather wallets that can stand up to the demands of everyday use. Even better? Invest in a wallet that suits your style—and that you’ll be proud to carry.


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