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4 Best Briefcases for Men

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

The best men’s leather briefcases are more than functional: they say something about the men who carry them. They present themselves well, and they get the job done—the briefcase and the man. So, lose that beat up old bag, and check out this year’s 4 Best Briefcases for Men.

Leather Attaché

An attaché is a classic, stylish, and highly functional men’s leather briefcase. With double handles for a quick grab, your documents will be easily accessible, while pockets and a zippered interior compartment ensure they are organized and secure. Look for a high-quality leather (as in, full-grain leather) attaché that includes an adjustable shoulder strap for a convenient, hands-free option. If your leather briefcase includes a padded laptop sleeve like this men’s leather attaché, you’ve hit a home run.

Laptop Briefcase

The laptop briefcase is similar to the attaché, but with an even slimmer profile. When you need something to securely carry your laptop along with a select number of essentials, this type of men’s leather briefcase is your top pick. The best laptop briefcases are crafted of high-quality leather, have a detachable and adjustable cross-body strap, interior pockets for organization, and an appropriately sized laptop compartment. This full-grain leather briefcase is just right for working through a flight, class, or the office.

Briefcase Bag

A leather briefcase bag ought to work at least as hard as you do. Typically larger than an attaché, briefcase bags can resemble a messenger bag in size, but maintain all the professional function of a classic briefcase. Look for a high-quality leather briefcase bag with an attractive flap cover and sturdy carry handle, an adjustable shoulder strap (bonus points if it’s padded), and an interior that’s large enough to carry your laptop, cord, and work materials with ease. Consider this leather briefcase bag, which features the padded shoulder strap and convenient interior details like pockets for pens, your phone, and a secured laptop compartment.

Pilot Briefcase Bag

A leather pilot briefcase bag is a fun twist on the traditional men’s leather briefcase bag. Rather than a flap cover with single carry handle, the pilot bag features two carry handles, a zipper closure, and a shoulder strap (of course). Additionally, the organizational compartments of a pilot briefcase bag are found on the exterior as attractive pockets that zip or buckle. The interior, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward: a laptop compartment and a roomy space for carrying whatever your day requires. If you need quick access to various items on the go, consider a leather briefcase like this full-grain leather pilot bag.

A wise man once told me, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” His point? My everyday choices add up, and details matter. Are you trying to make a name for yourself at work, or at least earn a seat at the table? Even in a casual work environment, details matter. And it’s worth acknowledging that a well-made, respectable briefcase helps to show you’ve got your stuff together. Ready to find yours? Check out our fine collection of leather briefcases for men.


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