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5 Types of Women’s Wallets for 2019

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

First things first: you’re allowed to be picky about your wallet - or wallets. With so many types of women’s wallets available, it’s completely reasonable to expect yours to be functional while remaining exceptionally stylish. Period. With that in mind, we’ve narrowed the pool down to 5 types of women’s wallets that are sure to meet a variety of needs—and the highest standards.

Traditional Wallets

When we say “traditional” women’s wallets, we simply mean those wallets that aren’t necessarily customized for special purposes or events. Rather, these are your go-to, every day, in-it-for-the-long-haul wallets. But make no mistake: they are far from ordinary. Consider this braided leather wallet. It’s edgy. And it’s organized. It’s stylish. And it’s functional. With plenty of card slots, interior pockets, and a zippered coin slot, everything has its place.

Passport Travel Wallets

When traveling, organization is critical. Especially when it comes to identification and other important documents. Here, a passport wallet can save the day. We’ve all been there: you carry your everyday essentials in your “regular” wallet while you dig through the bottom of your handbag for your passport—surely it’s in there somewhere! There’s a better way. Passport wallets are designed specifically with slots for cards and a sleeve to hold your passport. Bonus: if it’s like this leather travel wallet, the sleeve is also perfect for a field notes journal. Stay organized and stylish during your adventure, and keep a travel journal along the way.

Wristlet Wallets

Wristlets are some of the most fun and flirty - yet extremely practical - types of women’s wallets. A wristlet will keep you just as organized as a traditional wallet, with a pocket for cash and slots for cards. (Extra points for having a zippered coin pocket like this leather wristlet wallet!) The wrist strap makes these wallets extra versatile, secure, and fun. The typically modest wallet size will easily fit inside a purse. But if you’re leaving the purse at home, your wristlet wallet is easy to carry wherever you want it to go.


A clutch may not “technically” be a wallet, but we say it’s close enough. Intended to be carried on its own (as opposed to inside a purse), the interior space should offer the same organization as a traditional wallet, but with enough extra space for your phone and a lip gloss or two. You may even choose to tuck a card case inside your clutch. Still, with all that space, a clutch ought to remain small enough to tuck nicely under your arm. A fun variation on the traditional clutch is the wristlet clutch. As the name implies, this is simply a women’s clutch with an added (and often removable) wristlet strap.

Card Cases

Women’s card cases are a smart, simple way to carry your cards, cash, and ID. That’s it. Clean lines and a slim profile make card cases just right for slipping into a back pocket or tossing inside a clutch as you grab-and-go. Find one like this leather slim card case, and you’ll see that “plain and simple” doesn’t have to mean “boring and ordinary.”

Whether you’re looking for one type of wallet to meet all of your needs or a few types of wallets that will complement one another depending on the day, pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship of your purchases. For options that promise to look even better the longer, you carry them, be sure to shop our stylish collection of women’s leather wallets and leather clutches.


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