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Clutch vs Wallet: What is the difference, anyway?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Clutch vs Wallet: What is the difference, anyway?

Shopping for a clutch or wallet is fun -- who doesn’t love a new, practical accessory? But what’s the difference, anyway? And how do you choose? We can help.

Clutch vs Wallet: Size

As far as differences go, there are some minor points to consider. First: functional size. A clutch and a wallet both serve as a (hopefully) stylish and functional way to carry your bare necessities: cards, cash, and ID. The difference is, a clutch will also hold your phone, your keys, and your favorite lip gloss. If you’re choosing between a wallet or clutch, consider what you want to put in it. Of course, a small clutch and a large wallet will be practically the same thing, so you kind of can’t go wrong on this one.

Clutch vs. Wallet: Visibility

While a wallet is usually carried inside a larger handbag, a clutch is typically carried on its own and -- wait for it -- clutched in the hand (or under the arm). Do you normally carry a handbag or purse? Then find a wallet you love that will coordinate well with your favorite bag. Are you planning to forgo your entire handbag for the evening? A clutch will be the way to go. (Mainly because it will have enough room inside to include the essentials your handbag would’ve normally covered.)

Clutch vs. Wallet: Style

Whether you’re choosing a clutch to carry out on the town or a wallet that will be tucked inside a handbag most of the time, you ought to find one you love. Any clutch or wallet worth purchasing will be well-made and will complement your personal style. Materials, colors, and finishes abound but look for something that feels true to your style and is made well enough to last. Leather is a gorgeous, classic material that ages beautifully and can easily handle regular use. Waxed canvas is another option, both durable and stylish, growing even more attractive over time.

So, what’s your verdict: clutch or wallet? Either way, be sure to check out our collection of women’s leather wallets, leather clutches, and waxed canvas clutches! With our quality, style, and attention to detail, you’re sure to find a clutch or wallet you love.

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