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Best Travel Wallets: What to Look For

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

The best travel wallets are the ones that get the job done. They carry some really important stuff, and if you’re lucky, they even look good doing it. With all the new tech and fancy products out there, you can find a travel wallet that will practically fly your plane. And of course, there is also a purist somewhere who insists on just stuffing his passport in his jacket pocket, travel wallets be damned.

We think there’s a good, solid middle ground in there: a well-made, fine-looking travel wallet that will keep your travel documents organized—and last as long as you.  

How to Find the Best Travel Wallets:


When it comes to the best travel wallets, size does matter. (There was no avoiding that one.) The best travel wallet for one person may not be the best travel wallet for another, and the size of the wallet may be the most distinguishing variable you find. So, consider: what type of trip are you taking? And what type of traveler are you?

Are you a solo globetrotter, breezing through pre-check with one passport and an electronic boarding pass? Or are you on a family trip and have 6 passports to carry, a dozen boarding passes, and a birth certificate?

Size consideration #1: Be sure the number of documents you need will fit securely in your travel wallet.

Size consideration #2: Is there a wallet large enough to carry your passport, cash, and cards, but not so large that you can’t use it as your daily wallet at your destination? We’ve seen “travel wallets” large enough to carry your passport, glasses, headphones, and probably your lunch. But do you want to bring another wallet to switch to during your trip? (And then switch back for the journey home?)

We think the best travel wallets are generally of moderate size -- large enough to hold a passport, cards, cash -- and modest enough to tuck in a pocket and keep close at hand.  


We can skip straight to the bottom line on durability: you get what you pay for. Google “best travel wallets” and you can easily find a bargain price. But, at what cost? Will the material last for more than one trip? Will the construction hold up for the duration of your travels? Considering the value of its contents, paying for a well-made travel wallet is a worthwhile investment. 

We think the best travel wallets are made of materials known for strength, dependability, and time-tested longevity. Our favorite: good old-fashioned leather.  


This ought to be obvious, but we’ll point it out anyway: the best travel wallets are the ones you actually want to carry. If at all possible, you’ve narrowed your choices down to a size you can carry as your daily wallet for the duration of your trip. Then you’ve hopefully further narrowed it down to a wallet of high-quality material and construction. At this point, you’ve likely realized you are making an investment -- and you may as well invest in a travel wallet you like to look at. A wallet that feels good in your hand. A wallet that feels true to your personality.  

We think the best travel wallets complement your personal sense of style while keeping your valuable documents secure and close at hand.    

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