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Xan Hood – The Founder

Honor your father…

Exodus 20:12

So why start a clothing company?

For me, the answer has to do with a single word – honor. It's one of those words best understood in the context of our history when it meant something. A time when clothing and men seemed to have ideals that were reflected and infused as one of the same. In a culture today that is infatuated with tomorrow, it has sadly disappeared. Our cheaply made products and fashion forward trendy styles are proof of an era and men that you might think of as—gone by. 

In 2009, I started Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. (formerly Buffalo & Company) on the belief that at least one way honor can be restored to men is by providing a clothing line that conjures up the rich images of our past, images full of tradition and camaraderie and character that is true to our heritage and America.

My hope is to honor the men of our past in clothes that I think of with that word… rugged gentleman.

I didn't begin this company to make money. It was rather one of those things I knew I had to do, a mission to bring awareness to our culture about something we’ve forgotten - honor. I've written a few books to young men (find them here), started a leadership program for college students ( all in this same mission to join with others in raising up a generation of sons we can be proud of.

So while we seek profits, the bedrock mission is to challenge the prevailing fashion industry by offering an alternative – clothes cut with honor in mind. I desire to stand alongside other companies and organizations with that same unfashionable mission.

I believe this one-word value of Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. will serve men well as we strive to live to be good men, men our sons and daughters will be pleased to remember, men committed to a life of honor lived long on the good earth.

- Xan Hood