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I have a hunch that in some strange way, clothes can make a man. 


But first, let me explain that for a very long time, I did not.


The first half of my life was spent among the traditions of the south, around Magnolia blossoms and church steeples in Nashville, TN. I grew to understand the values of family and southern cooking and a refined life where the dress was proper.


But after graduating from the University of Tennessee, I headed West to learn from the mountains and the men who lived there. A different landscape and a few more physical labor jobs taught me some other lessons of life that a college degree missed. After some humbling failures and exhilarating adventures, I’ve come to see that masculinity is not an either-or decision of city living or mountain life, or white collar or blue, but a both-and maturity best summed up in the phrase the rugged gentleman.


Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is the story of that rugged gentleman, a flesh and blood character that once symbolized all that was good about this country. He is embodied by names from the old days, names like Teddy Roosevelt, Robert E Lee, Ernest Hemingway, Abe Lincoln, and John Muir. And he lived by those distinctly American values of grit, honesty, pride and joy.


So where did all those men go? It's a waste of time to try and pin the tail of blame on the reasons why; its no doubt for a number of reasons.


I believe its time the rugged gentleman staged a comeback.


Roosevelt may have spoken for them all:  I like to drink the wine of life spiked with brandy.


Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. began with this goal in mind, to create a clothing line that fits a man who knows how to tie a bowtie as well as a dry fly. A man who knows the Lord’s Prayer as well as the national anthem. A man who knows honoring the past doesn’t necessarily mean repeating it. A man who knows you can tell a lot about someone by the story they wear.

Xan Hood - Founder of Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.