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What Is A Flight Bag?

What Is A Flight Bag?

Today, a flight bag (also called a pilot bag) can refer to any bag carried on an airplane. Originally though, a flight or pilot bag referred specifically to a document bag carried by pilots and their flight crews.

Historically, flight bags bore the airline logo and were lightweight with zippered outside pockets. Designed to carry operating manuals, navigational charts, flight checklists, logbooks, pilot’s licenses and documentation, and various accessories like sunglasses, headphones, and binoculars, these bags were a staple for every pilot.

With advances in technology, modern-day pilots are seeing their flight bags evolve into electronic versions. This doesn’t mean the physical bags are phasing out by any means, however, as the historic pilot flight bag itself soldiers on in both style and function.

With its rich history and functional design, the flight bag remains a favorite for seasoned travelers -- pilots and passengers alike.


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