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How to Tie Moccasins

How to Tie Moccasins

Why do moccasins always come untied? You can tie your boots. You can tie a necktie. You can tie thirty-seven different fishing knots. But moccasins? Great men have lost their minds over keeping the damn things tied. We’ve got you covered, though. Remember when Grandad taught you the Seaman’s Knot? Well, it works on moccasins. Here’s a refresher in case you’re a little rusty:

How to Tie Moccasins with a Seaman’s Knot (Double Slip Knot)

1. Tie a basic starting knot.

- Cross left lace over right
- Wrap left lace around right lace and pull through
- Pull tight

2. Tie loops.

- Form 2 loops that resemble “bunny ears” with the laces; they don’t have to be exactly the same size loops, but they should be very close.
- Pass the right loop in front of the left; now the right loop is on top and the left is on the bottom.
- Fold the bottom (formerly “left”) loop forward and over the top (formerly “right”) loop; then gently pull it through the hole that forms between the loops, but don’t tighten yet.
- Now fold the top (formerly “right”) loop behind and under the bottom (formerly “left”) loop and feed it through the same hole that you just fed the bottom/left loop through.

3. Tighten.

- First, check to be sure the loops are roughly equal in size again.
- Pull the loops out to the sides, away from each other, to tighten. You may also need to push the knot together as you tighten.
- Remember, you’ll need to pull tighter to secure these leather laces than you would nylon laces.

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