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How to Restore Faded Leather in 4 Steps

How to Restore Faded Leather in 4 Steps

Leather develops a fine character and patina over time, but if it’s been left in the sun or endured uneven wear, you could be seeing some undesirable or uneven fading. Thankfully, it’s possible to restore faded leather, although it will take some diligence on the front end to find a high quality polish in the right color. Here, we’ve outlined how to restore faded leather in 4 steps. Take your time and do it right.


- Gloves

- Clean, white cotton rags

- High-quality leather polish

1. Prep

Always wear gloves and use a clean, white cotton cloth when polishing your leather bag.

2. Choose

Start with a high quality leather polish. Match the polish to the desired color. Some companies offer to color match for you, or you may need to mix different colors to achieve your desired shade. Take the time to get this step right, and always test the polish in an inconspicuous area to preview the result before polishing a larger section.

3. Apply

Apply the polish to the faded leather using the cotton rag. This will be a multiple-step process, so if you do not achieve the desired coverage on the first application, don’t be concerned. One application may be enough, but it could take three or four. After you touch up the areas of faded leather, allow the polish to soak in for about 20 minutes.

4. Buff

Use a clean rag to rub off excess polish and to buff the leather bag. Evaluate the color and repeat step 3 if necessary. Be sure to buff the leather with a clean rag after each application to avoid having polish transfer to other surfaces.


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