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How To Clean Waxed Canvas Bags

How to Clean Waxed Canvas Bags

A main feature of waxed canvas is its durability. It’s naturally water resistant, it’s breathable, and over time, waxed canvas can even develop a patina (like leather). A waxed canvas bag can handle any adventure you throw its way. It’s not temperamental and it doesn’t require regular cleaning. But if your bag is getting regular use, you know at some point you’ll need to clean it.

And there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to clean a waxed canvas bag.

Here are a few important do’s and don’t’s.


  • - Dry clean
  • - Machine wash
  • - Machine dry
  • - Use warm or hot water
  • - Use detergent


Using any of the above methods will break down the wax coating, compromising the finish and water resistance. Instead:


  • - Lightly scrub away dried mud or dirt with a brush
  • - Try plain (cold) water before using soap
  • - Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap when needed
  • - Rinse away any soap and allow canvas to air dry


These methods clean away dirt, grime, and spots without breaking down the wax coating on the canvas. For tough spots, a sponge or brush with mild soap and cold water should get the job done.

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