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DIY Leather Cleaner

DIY Leather Cleaner

When you invest in quality leather bags and other products, keeping the leather clean and conditioned should be a high priority. But you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to do it. And with this easy, DIY cleaning recipe, you really have no excuse for neglecting your leather. So get to work. Note: this recipe is not recommended for suede.


- ½ cup white vinegar

- ¼ cup olive oil


- Spray bottle 

- White cotton cloth


1. Mix white vinegar and olive oil in spray bottle and shake well.

2. Lightly mist a small section of your leather bag and wipe clean with a dry cotton cloth.

3. Shake bottle again and repeat until you’ve cleaned the entire bag.


How it works

The vinegar will clean the leather while the olive oil serves as a natural moisturizer. (The vinegar smell will dissipate after it’s dry.) This homemade recipe is ideal for regular care and maintenance of your leather bag. We recommend using it every month or so.

OR you can save yourself the trouble, and just buy our leather cleaner. (Which conveniently does NOT cost an arm and a leg.)



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