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Grayson Vest - Rusty Orange


The word comes from French and Italian origins and means “thin in an attractive or graceful way.” Most puffer vests are not svelte. They leave you looking like the Michelin Man. Now if you want to look like a creepy smiling white thing made out of tires then we respect your choice. But if you’d rather not send that message, consider our Grayson Vest. Wearing it will give off a svelte vibe, setting you distinctly apart from the puffy herd.

Features of the Grayson Vest:
- A lightly waxed finish that gives the feeling of richness
- YKK zippers with quality leather pulls
- Two interior pockets for cell phone, keys, American Spirits, etc.
- Exterior hand pockets zip "up" (the right way) not "down" (the wrong way)
- Poly-filled just to the point of svelte-ness but no more
- Anchored fabric strip on the back for hanging on a hook or a tree branch or the handlebars on your Triumph Bonnie
- Imported

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