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Dakota Leather Passport Wallet & Field Notes Cover - Brown

Not long before our father died, my brother and I invited him to join us for a hike in Dakota valley. He showed up carrying an old vintage leather bag from God knows when. Come to find out, it belonged to Frank, our father’s college roommate who went off to Vietnam and never came home. That bag, those two men, and their epic road trips are the inspiration for our Dakota Collection.

Frank wasn’t big on words, he preferred images. My father, on the other hand, reveled in the thousand words a picture evokes. Maybe that’s why they were such good friends. Dad carried a small notebook and pen on their adventures and made notes of everything that amazed him, like the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, and the hoodoos in Arches. My father hid that notebook in Frank’s bag as he shipped off for Vietnam.

I believe my father would love our Dakota Passport Wallet. It comes in a beautiful tan, brown, or black color, and is outfitted with an exterior elastic strap to keep its contents snug, such as your passport and your necessary plastic. In fact, this wallet is embossed with the word “PASSPORT” – a word that gives you the permission to go and be amazed, and take some notes along the way.

Features of the Leather Passport Travel Wallet:
- 2 Credit Card Slots
- 2 Sleeves for Field Notes, Passport, or Extra Cash & Cards
- Comes with Field Guide Booklet 3-Pack

- 6" H x 4.25" W (Closed)
- 6" H x 8.5" W (Open)

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