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The Perfect Bag for The Rugged Gentleman

It’s not just a bag. It’s an expression, a memory, the feeling of home. A buffalo leather bag’s life only gets better with time—each scratch and mark of patina telling the story of a well-lived life. Our buffalo leather bags are tough, no question, but they’re also refined. Sleek, minimalistic, and rugged, these bags are prepared to carry you through the storm. Its ample interior organization also helps you stay organized from day to night. Whatever your reason for buying one, we get it—it's one of our favorites, too. Not sure what the big deal is about buffalo leather? Take a look at the difference between buffalo and regular cow hide.

Buffalo Leather Bags That Last a Lifetime

When you think of handing down your old buffalo leather bag to a loved one, what makes it inheritable? Is it the quality of the craftsmanship? Or the patina of the leather? Well, simply put—yes. But it’s also about what the bag represents: home, love, grit. It’s the hidden things, beneath our human patina, that matter most in this world. And those are the things that are worth passing on. Our Roosevelt Collection, made from full grain buffalo leather, is the perfect buffalo leather bag to hand down to the next generation. Explore our other collections full of high-quality bison and cow leather, like our Denver or Jefferson collections. Looking for a particular type of bag? Find buffalo leather bags in a variety of styles from messengers to backpacks.

What Stories Will Your Buffalo Leather Bag Tell?

There is little a buffalo leather bag won’t tell you. Each ding, spill, or stain leaves a memory from times of hardship to times of celebration. We like to think our bags are memory keepers. Canvasses for the memory marks of your story. What stories will your buffalo leather bag tell about your life? If you want your bag to last and maintain its lustre, be sure to care for it with quality leather care products. And, read our blog to find out how to care for leather in 4 simple steps.