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Handmade Leather Goods: Heirloom Quality Pieces

When you think of handing down your nostalgic leather bag to your children or a loved one, what makes it worthy of passing on? Is it the quality of the craftsmanship? Or the patina of the leather? Our handmade leather goods are built with impressive quality and attention to detail, resulting in a bag that is durable enough to last for generations.

Explore Our Collection of Handmade Leather Goods

You’re the type who is always up for a last minute adventure—going from the office to the mountains at the drop of a hat, or booking an impromptu trip to a National Park. And maybe you just like to keep it simple from time to time by taking a road trip to visit some family a few towns over. Whatever life calls you to do, don’t worry because we’ve got all of your travel needs covered with our collection of handmade leather goods.

Carry your rugged spirit into the boardroom with one of our leather briefcases, then let our travel bags or leather totes whisk you into your weekend adventures. For women on the go, browse our variety of crossbody bags and shoulder bags that are built for ladies who want to be ready for a spontaneous day trip with friends. But don’t let your love for handmade leather stop at bags — check out our collections of wallets, toiletry kits, and other handmade leather good accessories.

Helping Your Handmade Leather Goods Last a Lifetime

The key to having your handmade leather goods last for generations to come is regular leather maintenance. Proper leather care is easy to do with our step-by-step guide on our blog. You can also shop our leather care products or make your own leather polish if you’re the do it yourself type. Let’s face it, your handmade leather goods are bound to be exposed to the elements during your travels, so make sure you read what to do if your leather gets wet to help ward off the elements. Or if you need help removing a stain from your leather bag, check out this article.


1. Why choose handmade leather goods over mass-produced items?

Handmade leather goods – like ours – offer unparalleled craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail. The meticulous handcrafting process ensures each piece is not only unique but also built to stand the test of time.

2. How often should I clean or condition handmade leather goods?

For optimal longevity, it's advisable to check your leather items every few months. Depending on how frequently (and rigorously) you use them, you might need to condition or clean them more often. Here’s our helpful guide on cleaning, conditioning, & storing leather goods.

3. What distinguishes the patina on handmade leather goods?

Patina is the natural aging process of leather, resulting in a unique, character-rich appearance. Our handmade leather goods develop a deep, beautiful patina over time due to the premium quality of the leather and the natural dyes used.

4. Are your leather goods suitable for both everyday use and special occasions?

Absolutely! Our collection caters to various needs—from daily commutes and office meetings to weekend adventures and spontaneous trips. Their versatile design and sturdy build make them suitable for any occasion.

5. How do I care for my leather goods if they get wet?

If your leather goods get wet, it's essential to dry them naturally and away from direct heat. Once dried, condition them to restore moisture. For a detailed guide, please refer to our article on what to do if your leather gets wet.

6. Do you offer products specifically designed for women?

Yes, we have a diverse range of leather goods for women. From crossbody bags to tote bags, we’ve crafted our collection to meet the dynamic needs of women on the move.

7. Can I use your leather care products on all types of leather?

While our leather care products are suitable for most leather types, it's always wise to test a small, inconspicuous area first. Each leather type might react differently, so it's best to ensure compatibility.

8. What should I do if my leather goods get stained?

 If your leather item gets stained, act promptly. Gently dab the stain with a soft, damp cloth without rubbing. For persistent stains, refer to our article on removing stains from leather bags.

Handcrafted with passion, our leather goods are more than just accessories—they're companions for life. Whether you're navigating city streets or uncharted trails, carry a piece of Buffalo Jackson's legacy with you.