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We have been making timeless full grain leather bags and accessories at Buffalo Jackson since 2009, honoring the tried and true tradition of leather making. We strive to make leather goods in various styles that pay respect to old-school values of hard work and an adventurous spirit.


As modern technology advances the leather industry, we proudly keep our leather looking and feeling as great as it always has – with some 21st-century edge, of course. Our collection of full grain leather bags and accessories features bison leather, cow leather, goat leather, and lambskin leather.

We’ve crafted a wide variety of full grain leather bags for men and women, full grain leather jackets, and wallets and accessories too. Whether for travel, day-to-day, or the office, you’re sure to find something you love. 


Taking proper care of full grain leather is key to maintaining its quality and incredible texture. We encourage you to shop our leather care products for a premium cleaner and conditioner that’s safe and simple to use. You can also polish your leather with an easy four-ingredient solution from our blog. This will help restore fibers and protect the surface from stains to enhance shine and patina.

Also, be sure to check out tips for dealing with wet or stained leather, how to care for leather bags, and how to clean a leather jacket

Finally, whenever you’re shopping for quality leather, especially full grain leather bags or other goods, be sure you know the difference between real and fake. Investing in sturdy pieces will pay dividends.


To get the most out of full grain leather, you’ll need to give attention to proper upkeep. This is key to preserving and extending the life of your leather bag or jacket. Be sure to review our articles for details on how to care for wet or stained leather. You can also shop our leather care products for our premium, easy-to-use cleaner and conditioner. Check out these 5 basic steps to cleaning your full grain leather bag or jacket:

*Always spot-check before proceeding with the next step!

1. Lightly dust. 

Gently wipe away any dust or oil buildup using a soft cloth in a light circular motion.

2. Prepare cleaning solution.

*If your jacket or bag isn't excessively dirty, skip to step 4.

Mix two teaspoons of mild liquid detergent with warm water to create a gentle cleaning solution that can be used on full grain leather without causing abrasions or other damage.

3. Gently clean.

Soak a soft sponge or cloth in your mild soap solution until it is saturated, then wring it out so it’s damp, but not soaking wet. The key to this cleaning approach is to use as little moisture as possible.  Lightly blot the leather to avoid leaving watermarks, and remember to feather your blots. Do not rub or scrub!

4. Wipe down.

Remove soap residue by wiping down with a clean cloth saturated with a small amount of clean water. (Remember to use the smallest amount of moisture needed.) Then, pat the leather with a soft, dry towel. Then, for a leather bag, stuff it with newspaper to preserve the bag’s shape, or for a leather jacket, hang it somewhere cool until it is completely dry. Do not use direct heat (like a hair dryer or direct sunlight) to try to speed up the drying time.

5. Remember the inside!

The soap solution used for cleaning the outside can also be used to clean the inside of your jacket or bag. Remember that cleaning the inside is as important as preserving the outside. Sweat on the interior of a leather jacket and dirt and spills collecting inside a leather bag can eventually break down the lining and compromise the leather. To clean the inside, turn the item inside-out, and use a soft sponge or cloth and the same mild soap solution. On jackets, in particular, pay attention to the cuffs, collar, and underarms. Lastly hang the item to dry in a cool, dry area. (Do not use direct heat.)


1. Are full grain leather bags good?

Bags crafted with full grain leather are exceptional. Full grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather, and different types – from full grain bison to cow to goat leather –  feature their own distinctive grain patterns and look even better with age and use.

2. How long do full grain leather bags last?

Leather can last more than one hundred years, and with proper care, full grain leather bags and jackets can last a lifetime and then some. 

3. What are the benefits of full grain leather bags?

The benefits of full grain leather bags include durability, flexibility, and tear-resistance that surpasses other materials. Full grain leather can also compliment a wide variety of styles, from formal office attire to jeans and a flannel. Leather is versatile and timeless.

4. What kind of full grain leather does Buffalo Jackson use?

Buffalo Jackson has full grain leather bags and accessories available in bison, cowhide, lambskin, and goat leather.

5. How do I waterproof my Buffalo Jackson full grain leather bag?

Real leather, and particularly full grain leather, is incredibly porous and can never be completely waterproof. However, you can always add an extra layer of protection from water by applying a spray or other commercial waterproof product. Be sure to read the instructions and always spot test any product to be sure you’re happy with the effect it has on the leather surface.