Wit & Wisdom: It Was Called a Filling Station
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Wit & Wisdom: It Was Called a Filling Station

BY Michael Haun Video
BY Amanda Uher


There is a gas station on the corner. 

Used to be called a filling station.

They filled things up.

While they filled your gas tank they checked to see if your tires needed air. if so -they filled those up.   

The attendant carried a pressure gage in his pocket.

He raised the hood, Checked the dip stick- that was part of the stop

If the engine oil level was a tad low- He topped it off.

Checked the coolant -see if it needed filling. 

Checked to see if the brake fluid level was good, filled that too.      

As  you pulled in- your tires ran over a small hose that rang a bell inside the station. people showed up next to the car to offer service.  

In the past we referred to these stations as service stations  they washed the windshield, wiped down your mirrors and invited you in to get a  drink from the cooler. They offered service, serving people is still a good thing.  

There was a passing of information and a pace that wasn’t Googled, it was spoken   person to person.  How you doing? You need ice, bait, something to eat drink, where you headed? Need directions?  Got some bugs in the grill I’lll brush those out for you.  

You might hear something Like “ I noticed your Regulator/Generator  belt is a bit loose,   Might  effect your battery charging soon, have a seat there, enjoy a drink, I tighten it up.  

I look forward to explaining to my  grandkids what a Regulator or generator belt is or even how to find the right wrench to put on the right bolt to snug the tension.   It’s not all about knowing how to do everything  as much as it is taking time to learn enough to be interesting and interested in meeting people who do know. 

Good service is still sharing good information.  

Sometimes the Filling station had a small basket of local grown produce outside.  ahh a home grown tomato and mayonnaise sandwich filling me up a little too. I don’t want to go back in time but I don’t want to miss important parts of history. even those as simple as good filling station.  Slow down this month. Sit just for a bit longer. Don’t look at your phone.. just take a deep breath and relax.    

Make a note or two of people serving people, things you miss.

Then offer to serve somehow.

Don’t forget to write.  

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