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Types of Bags for Men - and the Men Who Carry Each of Them

BY Xan Hood Journal
BY Alex Via

There is no better place to understand the types of bags for men than at airports. I think you can put them in one of three categories…

1. The simple and functional man.

Their choice... black nylon bags with the land of a thousand zippers.

These are the promised performers. They are often discreet, just black. Have nearly 40 hidden pockets, and lots and lots of plastic zippers for Lord knows what. And while you can’t go wrong with this, they seem to blend in and have little character. It's a bag, and it seems the person carrying it is good with that. They do the job certainly, but they are most certainly yawners.

2. The Business Man with Little Awareness

These are more common then I wish were true. Guys wearing thousand dollar suits or casual khaki Friday attire, and carrying some plastic looking leather knock off of a bag. It's shiny, and supposed to look like leather, but it really is a sad sign of the times. Not a leather choice. It's plastic goo that was molded to look like leather. Sorry. Wearing a wool suit with plastic, just is a bad eye sore. Can you get away with this bag?

Of course. Everyone does. No one will say a thing.

The two types of bags above also have this in common... There is little thought that goes into them other than a quick purchase for convenience. They are standard bags. Run of the mill. Issued like a government order, and most folks that is ok.

But I really think a bag should carry some weight. Yes. It should be able to be functional and have pockets. But there needs to be more character and distinction with bags with some sort of character to that. Let it compliment you, like a distinct tie or shirt. Which gets us to #3.

3.  Those rare men with distinct bags.

There might be two people in the airport with these bags. You can tell they are unique because someone actually put some time into their selection. I am not talking about the over the top bags that say, “Look at me I am carrying a Louis Vuitton expensive bag." I am talking about the type of bags that strike a balance between standing out and being respected for their quality and substance. They compliment the man, compliment the purpose of the trip, and the travel. 

Some are 20 years old, and still in great shape. They made a good choice a few decades ago, and the proof is that the bag is still kicking and looks even better now. And some are newer, but have that style that gives them unique sense of purpose. And say, we will be around in 20 years.

When we design our bags, we want to bring out a few unique traits. We don’t over logo our bags, because they aren’t mean’t to say, “Look at me I am carrying a Louis Vuitton expensive bag.” It needs to be subtle but purposeful. Intentional but with a simplicity. The quality of craftsmanship needs to be part of that decision of making a purchase for a bag that will last and be around. It's an investment, unlike those other bags.

If I had two pick two...

1. The Denver Briefcase Bag - Shop Here

One of my favorite bags for men who travel and carry on serious business. This is the bag that can be carried into many boardrooms. As one friend explains, “it’s the topic of the conversation before the conversation begins.” It’s a great compliment to the substance and the meeting to come, when the intrigue begins with your presence and what you bring in. Again, not audacious, not pretentious, just simple and refined. Does the job with a little class and sense of pride. I think, what a men’s briefcase bag is supposed to be about.  

2. Everett Leather Briefcase Bag - Shop Here

This bag has an entire different look and feel. It’s got a touch of adventure, but enough sophistication and class you don’t write it off. A little old world feel, and a little Indiana Jones. But not pretend or play. There is timeless and charm. And a sense of style to it all.

It holds a laptop with ease, and enough pockets to carry all that technology with cords included, but still keeps and preserves a little Teddy Roosevelt and the days when men were men, and there was a little more definition to what a man was mean’t to do and be. This bag cuts through those things of the present day, and says… I still believe a man is a man. Is there anything more important then that?

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