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The Holiday Gift Guide

BY Buffalo Jackson Journal
BY Kacie McIntosh

Buffalo Jackson's Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are upon us and here at Buffalo Jackson, we like to go all out with decorations, winter hikes and quality time spent with the ones we love. We know that the Holiday Season is a busy time for most and wanted to make this year especially easy for you when shopping for your loved ones. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate just what to get for your loved ones. (Or for yourself, we aren’t judging.)

For the Outdoors

We all have that person in our life who is more comfortable in the outdoors than in their own home. Your friend or loved one who is always trying to get you to spend the weekend camping or catch a sunrise on a hike. We’ll admit, a lot of us here at Buffalo Jackson fall into this category so we’ve specially picked these for you.


For the Adventure Seeker

We’ve defined an adventure seeker as someone with a love and thrill for traveling. Someone who is always up for a road trip or ready to purchase a last minute plane ticket. It’s not the hours on the road or plane that most people seek, it’s the adventure that comes after the journey. The exploration of new places and people. We’ve got a duffle or two to make the journey lighter.


For the Rugged Rebel

Buffalo Jackson is built on a reminder of the rugged spirit that we find in ourselves and around us. We have a category specifically just for that, for the rugged rebel. Whether you’ve got a biker in your family or someone who can pull off a leather jacket, we’ve got you covered. No more asking them what they want and receiving the classic, “I don’t know” response. This year you know exactly what to get them.


For the Professional

No matter how much we love the outdoors, most of us spend our weekdays from 8 to 5 in an office environment. Finding the balance between who you really are, but also remaining in business attire can be a challenge. Whether it is through a briefcase or a dress shirt, everyone should be able to honor their wild in the workplace. Grab one of our rugged gifts for the business professional in your life.


For the Student

Whether it's your friend, spouse or child that is hitting the books, we’ve got a collection for any student that is in the academic world. Our backpacks were created with our love for the outdoors in mind. Meaning, when they aren’t filled with books for studying our backpacks can easily be used for a weekend outing. We’ve also found that other items such as laptop cases and apparel items like our warm flannels are on every student’s wish list.


For the Ladies

For the past year, we have been pouring into our woman’s collection. We are excited about the growth and the love that has come from our female audience upon this release. This year, shop our Camden, Madison and Chelsea collections for the ladies in your life. Whether it’s for your wife, sister, aunt or friend we guarantee you’ll find something they’ll love.


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