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No Matter Where I Go In The World

BY David Johnson Journal
BY Alex Via

My team and I carry our cameras around the world and have the privilege of documenting men and women who courageously press through injustice, famine, genocide, homelessness and countless other obstacles.  No matter where in the world, I end up, I always take my Buffalo Jackson gear with me.  The gear is stylish enough to hang out with U.S. Presidents yet rugged enough to sustain trekking through Burma. I tested out this theory in the past two weeks.

Last week, I was in Burma documenting men who are fighting against the oppression of the military.  Then I flew to Dallas this week to photograph President George W. Bush as he met with Burmese political prisoners who are fighting for democracy.  The Buffalo went with me to both places.    

This is a wild journey I have found myself on, and I love bringing the Buffalo with me to all occasions. Beyond the gear being durable and fashionable, it carries with it a story of courage, freedom and integrity.  Xan Hood and his team have done much more than provide me with cool clothes to wear.  They have woven together a story that reflects the founder and reminds me whether I am in Dallas or Burma, to always “Honor my wild.”    

Thanks, Buffalo Jackson, for accompanying me on this crazy journey,

David Johnson

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