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How does a man honor the present?

BY John Blase Journal be here now
BY Alex Via

That’s another good question. And for most men, sort of a stumper. Most of us are so swept up by all the things we’ve got going on that the question of how to honor the present never occurs to us, and if it does it seems like a luxury question, the kind only trust-fund-boys or poverty-loving-poets have the time or inclination to consider.

So let’s cut to the chase. The best way I’ve found that a man who has a life brimming with responsibilities can honor the present is topractice paying attention. I realize that sounds soft, the kind of line some spiritual guru might lob from the stage of the Deeper Consciousness of Lovey Dovey All The Time Conference. But its really not soft. In fact, paying attention takes all your resolve and then some. And that’s why a lot of men don't do it, because it feels like just one more thing.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Sherlock Holmes movie, the one starring Robert Downey Jr. If you haven’t, I recommend it. If you have you may remember that Holmes lives with this hyper-awareness of everything around him. He hears the brush of a woman’s skirt against her shoes, he smells the wine that’s just been uncorked in the next room, he sees the horse struggling under the weight of a wagon, and I could go on. Its crazy, and its what makes Sherlock Holmes, well, Sherlock Holmes, and a great flick.

I’m not advocating that level of sensitivity, which only exists in the movies anyway. But I am suggesting something in that direction. Let’s say Holmes lives at a 10. Could you and I work toward living at a 5? I believe we can, or at least we can try. Here’s one exercise toward that end.Stand like a tree.

Yep, sounds like more guru bull honkey, huh? But give me a few more seconds. Take three minutes at some point in your day (and we’ve all got three minutes) and practice standing like a tree. You can do this anywhere. Stand as tall as you can. Plant your feet as flat as you can (this is best practiced barefoot). And breathe as deep as you can. For three minutes. An exercise like that is the first step in practicing paying attention; in other words, in honoring your present. You’re probably thinkingYou’re kidding, right? That’s it? That’s where it starts, men, because it’s slowing yourself down for a few minutes and being aware of your body, your immediate surroundings, and your immediate thoughts. Start there. Don't make it harder or more complicated than it needs to be. And save yourself the $2500 it costs to attend the Deeper Consciousness of Lovey Dovey All The Time Conference. Plus its possible you just might save yourself a trip to the ER as well because of a stroke or a cardiac event.


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