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Fear, Pride, & Comfort

BY David Johnson Journal
BY Alex Via

I started Silent Images 10 years ago because I love listening to people’s stories. We all have a story and sharing our stories seems to connect us in ways that reminds us that we are not alone in this journey.  My team and I carry our cameras around the world and have the privilege of documenting men and women who courageously press through injustice, famine, genocide, homelessness and countless other obstacles.  Every once and while, I meet someone who truly “Honors His Wild.” When I meet these individuals, I make sure they are photographed with “The Buffalo.”  Dave Eubank is one of these global cowboys.

Dave grew up in Thailand and told me of stories of roaming the streets after dark as a teenager looking for Thai gang members he could pick a fight with. He would often fight 2-3 gang members at once. He had a pet bear he wrestled which prepared him for his success as a college wrestler, and then he went on to serve in the US Army as a Special Ops. soldier.

Retirement was not an option, so after leaving the army, he moved back to Thailand to start Free Burma Rangers. Today, he takes his team onto the front lines to provide medical care, supplies, and prayer to those fighting on the front lines in Sudan, Burma, and Syria.  He has been shot at countless times, slept in bunkers next to soldiers while being bombed by the Sudanese military and ISIS.  The most astonishing part of his ministry is that he often takes his wife and kids with him.

In my two days with Dave, I had many memorable moments, but one moment offered me some words of wisdom that left me forever changed in how I will make future decisions.

Over an early morning cup of coffee at his farm house, I ask him, “Dave, how in the world do you find the strength to do all you do? You often take your entire family onto these missions. Don’t you get scared for their lives?” With a serious yet kind tone of voice , Dave looks me right in the eye, and says, “I never make any decision in life based on fear, pride or comfort.  Those words are not a part of my lexicon. I do what is right and my family knows this. Fear and comfort might be a part of the conversation, but I never allow it to dictate the decision.

I have interviewed hundreds of people in over 40 countries around the world. Dave Eubanks is one of the most courageous men I have ever met.  

When I consider how to best “Honor My Wild.” I will be sure to ask myself if I am really living a life that is free of decisions based on pride, comfort or fear.

Loving the journey,


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