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A Letter From Our Founder

BY Xan Hood Journal
BY Xan Hood

A Letter From Our Founder

What an honor we have that Thanksgiving is a time we can all gather around a table with friends and family to celebrate thankfulness. During this season, our country has a history of coming around a table to focus on this theme thankfulness. And although our tables can sometimes become divided by a lot these days, we try to focus on the purposes of what the action of gathering together signifies. Not only to eat together; but also, to show companionship, love, and support, to bring out the best in each other, and to celebrate our being together.

We are grateful for the community that has developed around our table. Those that share that dreams and ideas that have come from an understanding of the past and a desire to honor those lessons through our actions today. This includes you. You are part of our Buffalo Jackson family, and I hope you know how much it means to us that you have chosen to take a seat at our table. As it is also such an honor for you to have invited us to be a part of your family, to have a seat at your table. It’s your love and support that has gotten us this far, for that we are thankful. We are grateful. We hope that we’ve been able to bring out the best in you all, as you have brought out the best in us. We desire to bring great, high-quality products, that speak to the men and women we desire to be.

It is my hope that we can all sit around our tables during this and every season, and shine a light on those great gifts we have in each other, and simply say, thanks.

Thanks for everything,


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