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Shop Big and Shop Small

BY Xan Hood Journal
BY Xan Hood

We live in very interesting times.

As the holidays approach, it is clear to note that some of the biggest retail gains have been made by larger corporations like Costco, Target, Walmart, and Amazon during the pandemic. Big business marches on as it implements technologies to provide us all convenience that we have relied on the last few months.

Is anyone complaining?

I am thankful that we have those companies. They have helped my family and I am sure yours as well. I have purchased food in bulk, valued timely deliveries on short notice and appreciated their supply chain to keep products on shelves. They are certainly our future.

There is a lot to love about America and when times are tough we reinvent ourselves. We do things big maybe especially in difficult times. We need those folks and good for them.

However, the American landscape of business is changing quickly. As we seek convenience, we know that many smaller companies are struggling during this pandemic. Many have shuttered and certainly there will be more to come in the months ahead. As the large companies thrive smaller businesses are trying to innovate to keep up. Which can be difficult when you are… small.

How do you really compete with Amazon these days?

I don’t know that you really can.

I do know that while this has been a tough year for many, including our team, we are here because of our customers and our friends. We are here for them and perhaps an individual who may be introduced to us because of them.

Did you know we operate with less than a handful of full-time staff who work and dedicate themselves to Buffalo Jackson and the brand?

If you need assistance with an order or shipping and you reach out by email or phone this holiday season you will connect with Karen or Martha. They are our customer service department, and they are truly great at what they do. Samuel does all our photography. From the North Carolina Mountains and trips out West, he captures the essence of our company. And, he lives it too. Ryan does all our graphic design with thoughtful detail, attentiveness and care from the website to newsletters. He designs it. We have Alex and Jo who manage our logistics, finance and our artisans we partner with.

We have had a group of faithful individuals over the years as part of the brand. We are proud of what grew from that. As you can tell, from our size, we are small. We are actually quite a small family… probably like yours. 

Awhile ago, I thought the only way to business was to be like Jeff Bezos of Amazon. But what I am finding, as I move further into my 40’s, is that there is great peace and rest in being who you are and what you are…and the size that fits.

We are a small brand that is passionate about the stories and products we share in our handcrafted leather goods and vintage apparel designs. We stand behind the brand because we are the brand. We are here. Your support in this very difficult year allows us to continue that discovery and exploration in the years to come.

If you are looking for a unique leather gift that can’t be found elsewhere or maybe a new jacket that has a story to tell you may find it here. We sort of like that - keeping it within the family.

I encourage you to gift something unique to friends and family this year. Visit a local shop. Support a local artist. Eat at local restaurants. Buy from a local craft maker. Let’s continue to support small business and allow the story at Christmas and the holidays to be sharing about the stories that matter this year.

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness both in our large accomplishments and the small ones as well.

As we know, the story of Christmas is about a big idea entering the world in a very small package. 

Let’s celebrate our humanity, our strength, and the big vision and larger scale things being accomplished right now but also our fragileness and vulnerabilities too. We need one another. We need the big retailers as well as the small ones. Let us all get along. And be ourselves. And be at peace.

We are grateful for your support,

- Xan Hood

- Founder of Buffalo Jackson

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