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A Glimpse into Fly Fishing: Harrison Beckwith

BY Buffalo Jackson Journal
BY Kacie McIntosh

A Glimpse into Fly Fishing: Harrison Beckwith

Harrison Beckwith is an outdoor adventurer and full-time fly guide, based in Cashiers, North Carolina. Recently we interviewed Harrison and asked him some questions about his love for adventure and fly fishing. We are excited to share more about Beckwith with you in hopes that you can connect with his story and how he chooses to honor his wild.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do?

Hey guys my name is Harrison Beckwith. I'm from Clemson, SC and I'm a full time fly fishing guide. Fishing is what I do. It's almost always on my mind in some form or fashion. People come to me that want help learning the art of fly fishing, but I also cater to folks that are accomplished anglers. I lead trips around North Carolina and showcase what are fisheries have to offer.

What is your personal background?

I'm your typical southern boy that loves hunting and fishing. I grew up doing it and my obsession continues to grow stronger. I often refer to myself as a med school rejects. I pursued a career in medicine after finishing at Clemson University with a degree in Biological Sciences. My love for guiding and spending every day outside led me to leave that endeavor and try to make a living doing something I truly have a passion for.

Tell us how you got into fly fishing?

My Dad introduced me to fishing when I was still feeding from the bottle. So I had an interest at an early age. My uncle actually exposed me to fly fishing in particular. I fell in love with the challenge and intricacies of the sport. I believe it requires more effort and attention to detail to catch fish on a fly rod, therefore the reward is greater with success.

Your Instagram name is "River Wizard," where did that come from?

It happened on a rainy day working in Brookings Anglers with a couple of guide buddies of mine. I'm not exactly sure why that alias popped into my head. Maybe an influence from Harry Potter. A lot of people call me Harry. And we were talking about which fly rods we liked best. I made some joke about how... "the wizard doesn't choose the wand, the wand chooses the Wizard." and since then guys at the fly shop started calling me Wizard. And I thought "River Wizard" had a bit of a ring to it.

What is your favorite part about fly fishing?

My favorite part about fly fishing is the fact that it takes me to the most beautiful places in the world. You may have heard the cliche "trout don't live in ugly places." it's so true. Whether it's exploring North Carolina backcountry or the far reaches of Patagonia in South America. Fly fishing has allowed me to see places I certainly wouldn't have pursued if I were not obsessed with the sport.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I really enjoy photography and putting together short films that document my experiences as a guide and places I'm seeing. Much like fly fishing photography never stops challenging me. It also requires great attention to detail and planning to be successful.

What do a few days off work look like for you?

Often times it entails catching up on chores around the house such as working in the yard. My wife April and I love to go boating on the local lakes and booze cruise with friends. More often than not I have some sort adventurous fishing trip planned to the Carolina low country or somewhere in Wyoming.

What's your favorite Buffalo Jackson bag and why?

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Photography by Samuel Martin

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