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Men’s Leather Jacket Style Guide 2021

BY Alex Johnson Insight leather jacket style
BY Alex Johnson

What to Wear With Your Leather Jacket

Timeless, rustic, and classic—every guy needs a quality leather jacket in their closet. You wear it on your motorcycle, in the workshop, and on your way to work, and you’re so busy wearing it that you’ve probably never really thought about how you should style it. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve broken down how men should style a leather jacket, based on its type and purpose.

The Casual Moto Leather Jacket

Style With Your Favorite Pair of Jeans and Shirt

It’s clean and sleek, it’s the moto leather jacket. No need to complicate this minimal jacket style, we like to pair a moto jacket with a simple t-shirt and worn pair of jeans. Anymore than that, and it’s just too much. Finish the look with a leather belt and boots in a matching color (no contrasting colors). Here’s a look at one of our favorite moto jackets in whiskey tan.

The Edgy Bomber Leather Jacket

Style With a White Tee and Black Pants

It’s bold and reckless, a little like you. The bomber leather jacket looks great on the hanger and even better on your bike. Whether wearing it for a little joy ride around town or to the local tavern, always pair a dark colored bomber jacket with a simple white tee and black pants. You’ll look sharp without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Finish off the look with a black belt and pair of boots.

The Gritty Leather Field Jacket

Style With a Warm Flannel and Jeans

It’s rough and sturdy, a leather field jacket can handle anything the day throws at it. From working on the farm to hunting on the weekends, this jacket is warm and has lots of pockets to hold everything you’ll need. Wear this staple with a warm flannel shirt, thick jeans, gloves, and hunting boots. It’s certain to be your trusty companion no matter where you take it.

The Vintage Leather Jacket

Style With A Worn Tee and Khakis

It’s worn-in and comfortable, it has seen a few things in its lifetime. A vintage leather jacket is reminiscent of times past while ready to make new memories. Wear it with your go-to t-shirt with your favorite band’s logo and a durable pair of khaki pants. This look is just right for drinks with friends, travel, and weekend activities.

Now that you’re an expert on how to style your leather jacket, make sure you have the right accessoriess to finish your look. Check out our collections of leather belts and wallets. Don’t have a leather jacket? Check out our collection of Men's Leather Jackets, inspired by the past and infused with modern sensibilities. And remember to properly care for your leather jacket over time because no style looks good with cracking leather. Check out our guide on How to Care for Leather in 4 Simple Steps.

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