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What is a Tote Bag Used For?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

What is a tote bag used for? More than you may think. Totes are no longer just flimsy, reusable shopping bags. Today’s tote bags are versatile, fashionable, and durable. Arguably the most practical accessory a woman can carry, here are 7 reasons every woman should own a good one:

7 Practical Uses (And 7 Reasons You Need One)

Book Bag

Whether you’re carrying books around campus or perusing your local library, a quality tote bag is spacious and durable enough to carry your books and supplies (and look good doing it).

Work Bag

The best women’s bag for work will hold your work materials and your personal essentials. But more than that, it will look stylish, professional, and put together. You can even find tote bags with laptop sleeves.

Shopping Bag

When you need a dozen totes for your trip to Costco, the cheap mass-produced bags are the perfect go-to. But as we mentioned earlier, today’s tote bags are much more than that. And thank goodness, because when you’re enjoying a stroll through the market or boutique, the tote bag for that job will easily hold your purchases without compromising your style.

Diaper Bag

Goodbye, bulky diaper bags. Hello, spacious tote bags. Listen, if you want a million compartments and pouches and pockets, then a traditional diaper bag is the way to go. But if you’d rather carry a bag that suits your style and offers room to simply toss in what you need (with a pocket or two for your phone and keys, of course), then a tote bag is right for you.

Beach Bag

Tote bags are some of the most popular bags for the beach. With plenty of room to hold a towel, a book, and a bottle of sunblock, what more could you ask for? A waxed canvas tote bag is a durable, stylish option for withstanding the sand and the sun.

Overnight Bag

Bigger than a traditional handbag, but not a full-on duffle, a great tote is roomy enough for all of your overnight supplies -- without being so bulky that you look like you’re staying for a week.

Gym Bag

A woman’s gym bag needs to be practical. But it doesn’t need to only be practical. Just like a woman’s workout clothes, the bag she carries them in ought to be functional without compromising her sense of style and personality. Enter: a tote bag that is durable enough to get the job done, yet fashionable enough to be a pleasure to carry.

Bonus Use: Gift Bag

Here’s an extra one for you: Forget disposable paper gift bags -- choose a reusable tote as a gift bag alternative. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a fairly inexpensive tote for this purpose, so you can spend the bulk of your budget on the gift itself. Unless, of course, the tote bag is the gift, in which case you will surely win gold stars and brownie points for thinking to give such a gorgeous, timeless treasure.

Shopping for a tote bag for yourself or someone you love? Be sure to check out our collection of women’s tote bags for gorgeous leather and waxed canvas options.

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