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by Xan Hood October 18, 2023

In the realm of leather craftsmanship, the choice between suede and leather for bags and jackets is akin to selecting a fine fishing line or a stout rope for the challenges that lie ahead.

Here are some key differences between the two:

  1. Texture: Suede is made from the inner side of leather, which is known as the flesh side. It has a soft, textured surface with a noticeable nap (a raised, fuzzy texture). Leather, on the other hand, comes from the outer side of the hide and has a smoother texture.

  2. Appearance: Leather typically has a smooth, polished surface and often has a sheen or glossy appearance. Suede, in contrast, has a matte finish and does not have the same level of shine as leather.

  3. Hand Feel: When you touch suede, you can feel the nap, which gives it a soft and fuzzy hand feel. Leather feels smoother and may have a more rigid or structured feel.

  4. Durability: Leather is generally considered to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear compared to

Suede, gentle and textured as the caress of a breeze, whispers of informality and casual charm. Leather, with its glossy countenance, wears the uniform of formality and strength. Two distinct paths diverge, each offering a journey of style and utility.

In the world of leather bags, suede emerges as the companion of choice for those seeking an air of nonchalance. It lends itself to slouchy hobo bags and backpacks, the kind of companions one might choose for an impromptu adventure into the wilderness of the city streets. Leather, on the other hand, stands resolute, bearing the mantle of structure and formality. Totes and satchels, fashioned from its durable hide, signal readiness for the rigors of urban life.

For leather jackets, the contrast becomes a tale of style and climate. Suede jackets, soft and supple, drape over the frame with the lightness of a well-tailored shirt.

They are the favored armor of those in temperate climates, providing comfort and contemporary flair. Leather jackets, sturdy and substantial, conjure images of rugged motorcycling days and classic elegance. Their insulation welcomes the chill of winter, making them the stalwart choice for harsher weather.

In the chart below, we encapsulate the essence of these choices:

Item Type Suede Usage Leather Usage
Leather Bags Casual, relaxed hobo bags, backpacks Formal, structured totes, satchels
Leather Jackets Contemporary, lightweight styles Rugged, classic motorcycle jackets
Footwear Casual shoes, boots, sneakers Dress shoes, formal boots, loafers
Upholstery Soft, textured sofas, cushions Glossy, enduring sofas, armchairs


The choice, my dear readers, ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder, a reflection of one's style and purpose. Whether suede or leather, these materials are but the canvas upon which our stories are written, our adventures are embarked upon, and our lives are lived.

Xan Hood
Xan Hood