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Style Tips for Men

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Not everyone searching for men’s style tips wants to read about dressing up in a suit and tie. A lot of guys are just looking to fine tune their everyday style. We’re here for you. We’ve got our favorite style tips for men who care how they present themselves—but don’t care to make a fuss about it.

Fit is everything.

Whatever you’re wearing, make sure it fits properly. This is the foundation of all style tips for men, and this one detail will improve the look of anything you wear. Has your body shape changed over the past few years? Whether you consider that change to be favorable or not, be sure to update your clothing to fit the body you actually have. You will look and feel better when your clothes fit well.

Don’t be trendy.

If you’re a regular guy just trying to look his best, then sorting through what’s “trendy” is not really going to help you. If anything, it’s more likely to lead you down a path toward a wardrobe that will be outdated in only a few seasons. Your best bet is to focus on honing a timeless, masculine style.

No funny business.

Some graphic tees look really good—but not all of them do. A grown man needs to be very selective about the graphic tees he wears. Rule of thumb: no jokes or huge slogans on your t-shirt. If you’re a grown-up, your tees need to grow up too. Stick with a solid color, a basic stripe, or a timeless graphic tee like these vintage-inspired men’s graphic t-shirts.

Deviate from denim.

Okay, we’re not saying you can’t wear jeans. Actually, far from it. You definitely should wear them—just be sure they fit well and complement your frame. You don’t have to always wear jeans, though. Give yourself some non-denim options (that are NOT in the cargo family). A comfortable pair of khaki or gray chinos will give you a wide array of options beyond your favorite blue jeans.

Remember your shoes.

You can apply 83 style tips for men, but if you put on a pair of dingy tennis shoes, it’s all for naught. Like it or not, shoes can make or break your outfit. Not a shoe guy? That’s fine—you don’t have to blow a fortune on your feet in order to look nice. But you DO need to pay attention. Even if you’re wearing jeans, opting for a pair of brown leather boots or loafers (rather than scuffed up sneakers) will easily take your style to the next level.

Accessorize wisely.

Similar to the shoe effect, your accessories can also make or break an outfit. Accessories can dress up a very casual, basic outfit. They can also be the detail that distracts from an otherwise stylish and put-together man. Take your watch, for example. What kind of shape is it in? Swapping out the band for a new leather watch strap could be a good move. What about your work bag or briefcase? If it’s not holding up well, then it’s giving the impression that you aren’t either. Invest in a quality leather briefcase bag that affirms you’ve got your stuff together.

Layers: style’s secret weapon.

Say you’re sporting your classic tee shirt, jeans, and boots. Everything fits just right, and you’re feeling pretty put together. But your outfit is still a bit plain for your liking. Now it’s time to use one of our favorite style tips for men: layers. You don’t need to change your tee or your jeans or your boots. Just add a layer. Maybe put a nice button up shirt over your classic t-shirt. (Or if you were wearing a sweater by itself, add a button-up with a collar underneath.) If you’ve followed our advice and stuck to timeless pieces, you should be able to layer items from your wardrobe to add variety with relative ease.


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