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How to Wash Flannel in 5 Steps | Buffalo Jackson

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Samuel Martin

How to Wash Flannel: 5 steps to Expert Level Flannel Care

It doesn’t get much better than asoft flannel shirt that fits just right. So, how do you keep your flannels in great shape? We’ll tell you how to wash flannel, dry it, and care for it in a way that keeps it looking good -- and feeling great.

How to wash flannel

1. Choose your water temp.

Knowing how to wash flannel (without messing it up) begins with cool or warm water --not hot. Hot water not only speeds up fading, it also compromises the softness of the fabric. Also, keep the water temperature consistent. That means, if you wash in cool water, rinse in cool; if you wash in warm water, rinse in warm.

2. Choose your cycle speed.

After selecting cool or warm water, opt for the gentle cycle on your washing machine. The agitation created during a regular or heavy-duty wash cycle stresses the fibers in your flannel shirts and can cause pilling.

3. Choose your detergent.

Avoid harsh detergents and any that contain bleach additives or bleach alternatives. You can use the same amount of detergent you would normally use, but be sure to use a mild detergent. This will help keep your flannel shirts from fading.

4. Choose your fabric softener.

A fabric softener (either liquid fabric softener or a dryer sheet) will help reduce the lint shed from yourflannel shirt, but be mindful of what you use. Using a standard liquid fabric softener will actually end up making your flannel shirtsless soft, not more. That’s because, although the liquid softener makes the fabric feel softer at first, over time it clogs the fibers and causes the fabric to stiffen. Instead, use a cup of white vinegar (depending on the load size) as a natural fabric softener.

Learn How to Wash flannel

5. Choose your drying method.

It is best to let your flannel shirts air dry. If youmust use the dryer, be sure to dry your flannels on the lowest heat setting, and remove the shirts as soon as they are dry. Do not overdry flannel, and do not dry it on medium or high heat. Too much heat will weaken and shrink the flannel fabric. 

Anyone can wash and dry a shirt. But knowing how to wash flannel in particular means knowing how to keep your favorite flannel shirt looking and feeling like… your favorite flannel shirt.

It’s only fair to point out that not all flannels are created equal. If you want a flannel shirt that will continue to look and feel good over time, you’ll want to choose a great quality flannel shirt from the start. We happen to have a few. Be sure to check out our collection ofsoft flannel shirts -- we bet you’ll find a favorite.

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