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Groomsmen Gift Ideas & Guide | Buffalo Jackson

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight Gift Guide
BY Samuel Martin

Bridal Party Gift Guide: Groomsmen Gift Ideas

They’ve supported you through thick and thin. They’re as close as brothers.They may literallybe your brothers. They’re your groomsmen, and they’ll be by your side on your big day. What in the world should you give them? Choosing groomsmen gifts is one of those tasks that sounds simple in theory, but when it comes time to actually choose, it can feel overwhelming. How much should you spend? Should they all get the same gift? When are you supposed to give them their gifts?What are decent groomsmen gift ideas these days? Don’t worry, grooms; we’ve got you covered in this edition of our Bridal Party Gift Guide: Groomsmen Gift Ideas.

How much should you spend on groomsmen gifts?

If you search online to find out how much you should spend on gifts for your groomsmen, you’ll find answers ranging anywhere from $30 to $100 or even $150. The right answer for you is going to depend at least partly on your budget. A good rule of thumb is to consider how much money your groomsmen are spending as part of your wedding party (suit purchase or rental, bachelor party, travel to wedding, etc), and shoot for about 10-25% of that number. 

Should all groomsmen get the same gift?

You do not have to give all of your groomsmen the same gift, but all of the giftsshould be similar in value. (The exception is that you may get your Best Man something a bit more special than the others.) Whether you buy each groomsman a unique gift or give the same thing to everyone, do your best to make the gifts personal in some way. For example, you might buy them all aclassic bow tie, but in each guy’s favorite color. Or maybe you get everyone amoney clip and include a small gift card to each guy’s favorite brewery. There are countless ways to personalize any gift. Think about why you chose each guy to stand up with you at your wedding, and draw inspiration from there.

When are you supposed to give out groomsmen gifts?

There isn’t really a right or wrong time to give your groomsmen their gifts, but the most common time is at the rehearsal dinner. Typically, the rehearsal dinner is when the family and couple make most of their toasts, and it is the ideal time to thank and recognize the bridal party. You may choose to wait until the wedding day, specifically while spending time together getting ready for the ceremony. This is a great option if you’re giving your groomsmen something that they’ll wear in the wedding, like cuff links or anecktie. The bachelor party is another popular occasion for gift-giving. Just keep in mind that if the guys have flown to the bachelor party location, the gifts will need to be air-travel-friendly (i.e. this isn’t a great occasion for giving them their favorite bottle of bourbon. Unless, of course you plan on them consuming it before it’s time to fly home, in which case, cheers!).

What are the best groomsmen gift ideas?

As we mentioned earlier, draw inspiration from your relationship with your groomsmen (and from your budget) to help guide your gift-buying. Here are our some of our favorites:

Neckties, Bowties, or Cufflinks

We mentioned these masculine accessories earlier as great gifts to be worn in the wedding. But accessories don’t have to be limited to wedding-wear! Regardless of what your groomsmen are wearing in the wedding ceremony, neckwear and cuff links are timeless gifts for a reason (althoughneckties and bowties are quite a bit more practical for non-wedding-wear than cufflinks). If your groomsmen appreciate classic style, neckwear is a great way to go.

Great Groomsman Gift Ideas

Wallets and Money Clips 

Wallets and money clips are popular and practical groomsmen gift ideas. There is also a wide variety of types and price points to accommodate different tastes and budgets. Money clips can be found in an abundance of materials, from sterling silver to titanium to classicleather. Wallets present all kinds of options as well, from traditional bifold and trifold wallets to combinationmoney clip wallets and more. 

Themed Gifts (Like Travel or Sports)

You can take this category in any direction, but a couple of our favorites are sports, travel, and the great outdoors. For the sports guys, consider treating your groomsmen to a round of golf together or tickets to see their favorite team play. For adventure or travel-inspired gifts, consider givingleather luggage tags orfield notes covers (which can double as passport wallets!). For those who love the outdoors, anything from a multi-tool to a fishing trip can be a thoughtful and personal gift from you.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas Leather Journal

No matter how close you are to your groomsmen, we know that choosing gifts for them can be a challenge. Hopefully these ideas will help you along the way. Just remember: if you give it a personal touch, it’s tough to go wrong.

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