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How to Choose the Best Shotgun Case

It’s essential to have a way to transport your shotgun safely and securely. There are a lot of gun cases out there, and while options are nice, it can be a beast to narrow those options down to the best gun cases (and, more importantly, the best shotgun cases). Just like one type of shotgun isn’t right for everyone, one type of case won’t be the best case for everyone either. Consider the following 3 factors to help identify the gun case that will best meet your needs.

Water-resistant waxed canvas, vegetable tanned leather straps, and soft sherpa interior offer the perfect option for any sportsman who appreciates good design and practical function.


Best Shotgun Cases: Top 3 Tips for Choosing Yours


man walking away from red truck with waxed canvas shotgun bag


1. Consider how you'll travel

Consider the transportation mode you’ll most frequently use when carrying your shotgun. On foot or in an ATV? In a truck or on a plane? This consideration will go a long way toward identifying whether you need to look for a hard case or a soft case.


Choosing between hard gun cases vs. soft gun cases isn’t a matter of one kind being better than the other. Either can be a good option, but it depends on how and where you’ll use the case. For example, if you’ll primarily be flying with your shotgun, note that TSA requires a hard-sided, lockable gun case to fly.

On the other hand, if you’ll primarily use the case for local travel, like from home to the range or into the field, a hard case will be unnecessarily cumbersome, making a soft-sided shotgun case far more practical. Do you plan to carry your shotgun on a long trek into the field? Look for a well-made,easy-to-carry shotgun case with sturdy carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap with good cushioning for the shoulder.




2. Evaluate Protection & Durability

How much protection and durability do the best shotgun cases offer? You may think the right answer is “as much as possible” – but that’s going to come with a lot of weight, bulk, and cost, some of which may be excessive or impractical for your needs.


The right answer is actually “as muchas you need.” The best shotgun cases will have enough padding to provide shock absorption while keeping the gun immobile the case and enough durability to hold up to what you intend to put it (the case) through.


As mentioned above, if you’re flying with your gun, you’ll want a hard case. Otherwise, padded soft cases are often the best bet, offering sufficient protection balanced with lighter weight and ease of use. Choose a case made with weather-resistant fabric like asturdy waxed canvas. Water-resistant fabric will keep moisture out of your gun and ensure the case itself can hold up to damp conditions you may encounter in the field.


Don’t forget details like stitching, straps, and hardware. An adjustable shoulder strap with a sliding pad will allow for balanced positioning, making trekking long distances with your shotgun much more comfortable.


bed of truck with waxed canvas shogun bag and accessories



To determine the right size case for your shotgun, choose a case that’s a couple of inches longer than your gun. For example,this 52” shotgun case is the appropriate size for up to a 50” shotgun.


If there are attachments like specialty grips or sights that you don’t want to detach or buy a separate case for, remember to check that the case is large enough to accommodate these. Additionally, consider space that you’ll want for extra gear and ammunition. The best soft-sided shotgun cases will have easy-access pockets on the exterior.

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No matter what specific case you choose, be sure it is made with quality materials, and be sure to purchase from a reputable retailer. We had all that in mind when crafting our Dakota Rifle and Shotgun Cases.


Sure, we’re biased, but we’re also outdoorsmen who know a good gun case from a…not good gun case. With its water-resistant waxed canvas, vegetable tanned leather straps, and soft sherpa interior, well, THESE ARE darn good cases.  

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