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DIY Beard Oil

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Beard oil is crucial for keeping your beard and skin healthy and comfortable. While pre-made beard oils are readily available, they can become pricey. DIY beard oil allows you to customize the scent and consistency of your beard oil—and saves you a few bucks at the same time. There are two parts involved: carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils will make up the majority of your DIY beard oil recipe. Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and argan oil are three common and effective carrier oils. These provide the base to dilute the more concentrated essential oils, but that is only the beginning. Even more importantly, these carrier oils are easily absorbed by the beard and skin, softening the beard and nourishing the skin underneath.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are what add personality to your beard oil. Use caution though—every drop of essential oil goes a long way, so remember: measure one drop at a time. The difference of even just 2-3 drops can completely ruin the scent of your beard oil. Essential oils will add the scent to your DIY beard oil and can offer other qualities as well.


1 oz. amber glass bottle with dropper

Carrier oil(s)

Essential oil(s)


Add carrier oil and essential oil (EO) to 1-oz. glass bottle and swirl to mix. Alternatively, mix a larger batch and then portion into 1-oz. glass bottles using a small funnel. (Pro tip: Add a fun label, and use these as great Christmas gifts for guys with beards!)


Here are some easy recipe ideas for homemade beard oils. Use these as a starting point, and tweak them to your liking.


0.75 oz. sweet almond oil

3 drops tea tree EO

2-3 drops eucalyptus EO


0.5 oz. jojoba oil

0.5 oz. sweet almond oil

5 drops peppermint EO

2 drops tea tree EO

2 drops orange EO


1 oz. jojoba oil

8 drops patchouli EO

4 drops bergamot EO

1 drop black pepper EO

2 drops lavender EO

There you have it! And really, as crucial as beard oil is for the (bearded) rugged gentleman, so is the right gear. Be sure to check out our collection of rugged leather bags, crafted with you in mind.


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