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Moto jacket, riding jacket, racer jacket, biker jacket… call it what you want. But all of our motorcycle leather jackets are reflections of the classics -- just a bit more clean cut and versatile. Modern rebels know when less is more.

We chose full grain lambskin leather for our motorcycle leather jackets because of its exceptional wearability and distinctive, velvety texture. The modern leather motorcycle jacket features a zip front closure, four exterior zippered pockets, and a snap-over band collar. The quilted lining makes it a breeze to take off and on, and an interior chest pocket securely holds a journal or phone. Zippered cuffs add even more style and function.


In 1913, brothers Irving and Jack Schott founded a company making raincoats in a basement factory on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Many years later, Irving created a wholly new type of coat: the motorcycle jacket. It would provide warmth, protection, and comfort for motorcycle riding – and it would become an icon.

Named for Irving’s favorite type of cigar, the Perfecto was the birth of the leather motorcycle jacket. Notably, it was also the first jacket to use a zipper rather than buttons for closure. The Perfecto had a belted waist, an asymmetrical front closure (away from the center chest to offer more comfort when hunched forward on a motorcycle), and a double layer of material in front for extra insulation.

The leather motorcycle jacket was born durable and rugged, practical and stylish – and the best modern versions stay true to those timeless characteristics.



Not all leather is equal, so of course, neither are all leather motorcycle jackets. When shopping for a leather motorcycle jacket, It is essential to choose real, high quality leather so your jacket can handle regular use and uniquely mold to your body shape over time. Our leather motorcycle jackets are crafted with full grain leather, which is the highest grade leather available. (Read more about different grades of leather here.)


It is extremely important for a motorcycle leather jacket to fit properly, both on and off the bike. Ensure that the jacket is not too short, leaving your wrists, arms, or back exposed, and not too restrictive so that you have full range of motion. On the other hand, the jacket shouldn’t be too large either, so it doesn’t feel overly bulky or have large gaps at the wrists. Consider the type of motorcycle you ride and your riding position to be sure the jacket will accommodate your needs. (You can find more details here about how a leather jacket should fit.)


Remember that a good leather motorcycle jacket is an investment. High quality leather jackets are generally going to be higher in price than lower quality materials. This is because of how premium leather is processed as well as the detailed craftsmanship of a well-made jacket. A quality leather motorcycle jacket is also going to last much longer – and look and feel even better the longer you wear it.


Different styles in our leather jacket collection include leather puffer jackets, leather bomber jacketsleather outdoor jackets, and more. Whether you’re riding a Harley or on horseback, in a Dodge or on a Ducati, we have a leather jacket for you.


1. How do you care for leather motorcycle jackets?

To get the most out of your leather motorcycle jacket, you have to do some upkeep. Here is our simple guide to cleaning leather jackets. You can also browse our collection of leather care products, formulated to tackle dirt and stains while preserving the look and feel of your leather jacket or bag. Did you get caught in the rain on your ride? Check out this article for details on what to do when your leather motorcycle jacket gets wet.

2. How do you store leather jackets?

You probably won’t be storing your motorcycle leather jacket a whole lot because you’ll be wearing it everywhere! But seasonally, it’s normal to store it for a while. Storing it properly will help keep the leather healthy and the jacket in good shape.

  • Clean it first. (Simply follow the steps in our leather jacket cleaning guide.)
  • Stuff the insides of your leather jacket with acid-free paper. (Stuffing the jacket helps to keep its shape, and the acid-free paper helps create a barrier for dust, dirt, and moisture.)
  • Wrap your motorcycle jacket in a breathable fabric. Do not wrap a leather jacket in plastic, and avoid folding it when you wrap it.
  • If you have the space, hang the jacket on a wide cedar or padded hanger. (Do not use thin wired or plastic hangers.) If you don’t have space to properly hang it, you can place your leather motorcycle jacket in a wooden (preferably cedar) trunk or even a suitcase. Like when wrapping, be sure to lay it flat without folds or creases, and do not store leather in a plastic container.
  • Store the jacket in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight. Exposing a leather jacket to too much light or warmth can cause the leather to discolor, expand, dry out, or crack. Moisture is also a major cause for concern as it can cause mildew and mold to grow. Placing silica gel packets in the jacket pockets can help absorb moisture.

3. How should you style a leather motorcycle jacket?

Really, however you want. But, here are 3 of our favorite leather motorcycle jacket outfits:

  • Jeans + Tee Shirt: Nothing’s quite as classic as a leather motorcycle jacket with a black or white tee and a pair of jeans.
  • Sweatshirt: This will feel too casual for some occasions, but a well-fitting hoodie (not too baggy) under a leather motorcycle jacket is a great look. 
  • Plaid Button Down: This combo is a sure winner. You can’t go wrong with leather and plaid. (Check out this article for more ideas.)

4. How do you break in a leather motorcycle jacket?

Here are 3 easy tips to get you started:

  • Wear it.  The best way to break in any leather jacket is the old fashioned way – just keep on wearing it.
  • Roll it into a ball. Simply use your hands to tightly roll your leather jacket up into a ball. Release and repeat.
  • Move and flex in it.  Repeat simple moves like arm circles and pushups to accelerate the “wearing” effect. (Check out this article for a few more tricks.)