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An Heirloom Gun Deserves An Heirloom Case

Manufactured with premium full grain leather, durable waxed canvas, and meticulous attention to detail, these heirloom quality items will last as long as your gun – and you’ll be proud to pass them down to the next generation.

Our Sportsman Collection features vintage gun cases inspired by the good old days. Our leather rifle cases and leather shotgun cases, as well as shooting bags and shell bags. Each item is thoughtfully designed for the rugged outdoorsman and the sportsman with an eye for quality craftsmanship. 

Our vintage style shotgun and rifle cases include both waxed canvas and all-leather options, and our shell and shooting bags are the classic companions whether you’re in the field or at the range.

Leather vs. Waxed Canvas

Leather and waxed canvas are both durable materials with rich histories – perfect for our vintage gun cases. Both will age extremely well when cared for properly. Check out this article for more info on choosing between leather and waxed canvas.

How to Care for Leather Vintage Gun Cases

There are 2 main schools of thought when it comes to leather care: one attempts to keep the leather looking brand spanking new. The other is more concerned with caring for the leather in a way that lets the story of the leather—and its carrier—emerge over time. (Spoiler alert: we’re in the latter camp.)  Check out this article for 4 simple steps to care for leather, be it one of our vintage style gun cases or any of our other rugged leather bags. 

How to Care for Waxed Canvas Vintage Gun Cases

Like high-quality leather, waxed canvas looks and feels better the more you use it. It’s durable and water resistant, and the scuffs and marks it picks up along the way only add to its character. But, you still want to treat it right so it will last for a lifetime of adventures. Visit this article for all of our tips on how to care for any of our vintage style waxed canvas bags and cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by “vintage gun cases?”

“Vintage” technically refers to any product made between 50 and 100 years ago. It takes a lot of extra care to keep anything that old in good condition, let alone in usable condition. And since a truly vintage gun case will have already been around 50-100 years, you won’t get to enjoy much of its best years, if any. (Not to mention, it can be challenging to find an authentic vintage gun case, let alone one that’s in great shape and within your budget.)

So, Buffalo Jackson vintage gun cases are vintage in style and craftsmanship. The premium materials and attention to detail honor their authentically vintage inspirations. 

2. What kind of materials does Buffalo Jackson use for its vintage gun cases?

Our all-leather rifle cases and all-leather shotgun cases are crafted with premium, full grain bison leather. 

Our waxed canvas rifle cases and waxed canvas shotgun cases are made of durable 18 oz. waxed cotton canvas with full grain, vegetable tanned leather shoulder strap, handles, and accents. 

Our waxed canvas and leather pistol cases are crafted with the same durable waxed canvas and full grain leather carry loop handle and accents.

3. How much do vintage gun cases weigh?

Our all-leather rifle cases and all-leather shotgun cases weigh 4 lbs, 3 oz.

Our waxed canvas rifle cases and waxed canvas shotgun cases weigh 4 lbs, 8 oz. 

Our waxed canvas and leather pistol cases weigh 14 oz.

4. How much ammo will the trap shooting bag hold?

The Dakota trap shooting bag has a 6.2 L capacity. That will hold 125 loose shotgun shells up to 12-gauge or three 25-count boxes. (Includes an easy-to-clean, wipeable nylon interior.)