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What Makes the Best Camera Bag for Travel?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

What Makes the Best Camera Bag for Travel?

When you invest in a camera, be sure to invest in the best camera bag your budget allows. Sure, if you have a single camera and a lens, you can get by with carrying it on a quality camera strap. But, with something as valuable as your camera, do you really want to just get by? Right. We feel the same way. So, here are a few thoughts on what makes the best camera bag for travel:

1. Size

We’ll start with the obvious: consider how many camera bodies, lenses, and accessories you’ll need when traveling -- and which things you’ll want to actually fit in the camera bag itself. Need to fit your laptop in there as well? Or do you want a smaller bag dedicated to one camera and a single lens? The best camera bag for travel will accommodate your specific needs, and an even better camera bag will offer adjustable (and padded!) dividers for flexible organization.

2. Style

Perhaps more than the average person, photographers appreciate thoughtful craftsmanship. As a photog, you have a special respect for essence and detail, and we do too. So, don’t shortchange your artistic sensibilities when it comes to your camera bag. Find a camera bag that complements your personal sense of style, a bag that tells its own story: just like your work.

3. Durability

Here’s the bottom line on durability: you get what you pay for. If you Google “best camera bags for travel,” you can certainly find a bargain bag. But, at what cost? Will the material wear well after more than one trip? Will the bag’s construction hold up through the duration of your travels? Considering the value of its contents, paying for a well-made camera bag is a worthwhile investment. We think the best camera bags (and bags in general) are made of materials known for dependability, strength, and time-tested longevity. Our favorites: waxed canvas camera bags or good old fashioned leather camera bags.

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