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How Do I Wash My Waxed Canvas Bag?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight canvas care
BY Amanda Uher

That’s a great question. Because there’s a definite way to NOT wash your waxed canvas bag, and if you make that mistake... well, your waxed canvas bag will just be... a canvas bag.

So, here are a few important notes:


- Dry clean 

- Machine wash

- Machine dry

- Use warm or hot water

- Use detergent    

Using any of the above methods will break down the wax coating, compromise the finish and water resistance, and leave you with a plain old canvas bag - and probably a big mess.

Try this instead:

- Lightly scrub away dried mud or dirt with a soft bristled brush 

- Try plain (cold) water before using soap

- Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap (not detergent) when needed

- Rinse away any soap and allow the canvas to air dry    

Washing waxed canvas bags this way will clean away dirt and spots without breaking down the wax coating on the canvas. And remember - don’t wash waxed canvas very often. Waxed canvas bags look better the more you use them, and the scuffs and marks they pick up along the way add character. Wash sparingly, and enjoy the adventures.


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