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What Color Handbag Goes With Everything?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Sure, some women may like having twenty handbags to match twenty different outfits, but let’s be real: every woman needs that one handbag that goes with everything. She can grab it as she flies out the door, regardless of what she’s wearing or where she’s going. So, what color handbag is best? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be black. Here are 3 other go-with-everything colors we love:


If you’re considering a leather handbag, you’re in luck -- at least where style is concerned. If it’s high-quality leather, you don’t really need to choose a “color” at all. Whether it’s light honey or dark hazelnut, the natural look of leather remains classic and timeless while still allowing you to express your personal style. The beauty of natural leather ranges from light brown leather handbags to dark brown leather handbags -- and everything in between. You really can’t go wrong on this one.


A neutral color, navy goes with almost everything. Leave the navy accessories at home if you’re wearing black, but really any other color looks great with a navy handbag. Navy leather is a nice option, but consider adding interest with a different material like a navy waxed canvas handbag.


Did you see this one coming? Yes, teal is a fantastic option when you like a pop of color, but when you want to use it every day. Depending on the bag’s size and embellishments, a teal handbag can make a fun statement without overpowering an outfit.

Which color will you choose? Here’s the thing: if you’re asking what color handbag goes with everything, you’re probably planning to carry that bag every day. So, no matter the color, don’t forget to invest in something quality. Even if the color goes with everything, a beat up handbag will ruin your look every time.

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